Rare on Xbox Live Arcade profitability

Speaking at the Develop conference this week, Rare's Nick Burton said that while Xbox Live Arcade titles may not offer huge returns, they can provide a "small but reasonable" revenues on a constant basis.

"When asked by an audience member if [Jetpack refuelled] was a commercial success Burton replied, "If you want to measure it in success in that we broke even - we're in the black, so that's good."

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Balance4162d ago

like regular games it depends on how good a game it is also. texas hold'em for example, i bet that developer is way in the black for that project, uno also.

beardtm4162d ago

new games like Geometry Wars and Proper remakes of old games like Prince of Persia are cool.

I cant be dealing with crappy ports like sonic/street fighter 2 which look terrible.

Must have took Sega hmm lemme think, a whole 15 mins to put Sonic onto live arcade?

kewlkat0074162d ago

Rare has not put Killer Instinct on there as well and some donkey Kong games. Unless Nintendo has some thing to do with it?

If Xbox live arcade got the game Nintendo Wii got on their VC plus the original stuff, I wouldn't purchase VC games anymore.

The VC games on the Wii are the Exact ports with no updated graphics or gameplay modes but they sure are selling on there. Some of the Xbox live arcade games do update and add some features, with online-play mode and such but they do not have the selection Nintendo has.

How does Nintendo do it, I don't know..

Daewoodrow4162d ago

Seeing as Donkey Kong Country is a childhood favorite of mine, I couldn't agree more, but unfortunately when Microsoft bought Rare they couldn't get the rights to Donkey Kong, apparently Nintendo wanted that too much.

sajj3164162d ago

There has been commercial success with other games, its very possible. You can't expect every Live Arcade game to be a commercial success. Porting Sonic is also not the answer. Its not the quantity of arcade offerings but the quality.

Caxtus7504162d ago

I actually thought sonic was the only retro title worth playing. It really felt it hasnt dated but as for all the otehrs...New games is what I want to play. Geometry Wars is still the best game on the arcade imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.