More Songs and Venues Announced for Guitar Hero III.

Four new tracks and eight venues have been confirmed for Guitar Hero II which will launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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killercam194130d ago

Nirvana smells like teen spirit! come on whos with me?

Nintenuendo4130d ago

Am I the only one who's actually really disappointed in what they've shown so far with this game? I mean, I know there are still a lot of tracks yet to be announced, but other than La Grange, there are NO tracks that I feel I have to play. I think Neversoft may have dropped the ball, man.

Caxtus7504130d ago

I do agree....they are getting the bands...just not the tracks.

Muse- Knighs of Cydonia??? Not one of their greatest guitar anthems, where is plug in baby??

Red Hot Chilli Peppers-never even heard of that track...whats wrong with the classic ones that everyone knows.

I think a little more mainstream would benefit them. Im guessing its just too costly to get the best tracks.

AS for Venues, where is Wembley Stadium?!

Hope the lineup gets better otherwise I see no reason to get this over rockband.

toszcze4130d ago

Chexd: Suck My Kiss is one of the best songs from "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic" - the best Red Hot Chili Peppers album. I think you will like to play it. ;)

Caxtus7504130d ago

haha ok il give it a go :) (and a listen now)

Siesser4130d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree with the Muse commment. Although I still think Hysteria would have been a better choice for the game (well-known, and the persistent bass would make for fun co-op play), Kights is my favorite Muse song, and I think fits in with the game well. It's the first song I've seen included in any of the GHs thus far where I was truly excited that I'd actually get to play it. I mean, the entire song is a sort of huge, grandiose guitar score with a great finish. It's long, and it won't sound like all the other rock stuff on there.

Caxtus7504130d ago

Well i know what you mean and yes there is an epic solo but i struggle to here a guitar part in the long intro and first verse which is why, despite it ebing a great song, will struggle with GH.

Siesser4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Well, the guitar starts about 20 seconds into the song (after the horses). 47 seconds in, the main riff kicks in, you have guitar going pretty much the rest of the song.

I do agree that it's much les prominent during the verses though. But they have the masters; maybe they'll bring it out more?

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JPomper4130d ago

Dude... they added Dragonforce. Don't complain.

Nintenuendo4130d ago

Well, I know they have a pretty big following these days, but I could never get into Dragonforce. The guys good at guitar, no doubt, just not my kind of music I guess; honestly I'd rather have seen Saltens of Swing announced than a Dragonforce song.

THE_JUDGE4130d ago

is like hearing pigs die. The singer is terrible, if you can consider that singing. I will stick the ZZ TOP and RHCP, both those songs rock.

Syko4130d ago

No matter what they do or add, this will be secondary to Rock band for me. That game stinks of greatness. While Guitar Hero stinks of Activision.

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