Heavenly Sword Demo could be out at 12:00 GMT

Peonic from Ninja Theory comments on their official forums that the demo should be out today at noon GMT and that the file is about 1 gigabyte in size.

Time to discuss initial reactions and hands on impressions about the game here on N4G.

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Siesser4132d ago

Hey, I recognize that third poster...

Geesh, a full gig, eh? Well, nothing to complain about; that's another reason I sprang for the 60. But I'm going to have to upgrade the size soon, with all the media I've got on there.

Anyways, I'm EST, which means I'll probably not be seeing the thing until late afternoon :( Phooey; usually it's better to live in the future.

PS360PCROCKS4132d ago

:) indeed Deep. It is almost time. haha.

techie4132d ago

SO 5% downloaded now...I must not use the internet to save download time - I will give my impressions in an hour or so :( it will take that long.

Enjoy everyone! It's been a long wait.

ps/ loving the three ps1 games, Haze, RE5 and Assassin's Creed trailers!


Omegasyde4131d ago

Not bad at all, but damn the demo is short. I expected a bit more to show...but it is better than nothing.

DixieNormS4131d ago

If this is a ONE GIG demo and it lasts 5 minutes. Does this mean that the game will be 4 to maybe 5 hours long. 5 minutes x 50 gigs= 250 minutes. J/k Wish I could play it. Too broke to get a ps3 still.

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Rockstar4132d ago

Bring it!

Can't wait to see this in all it's 50 inch high definition glory.

Chava4132d ago

this better b good, it's got 2 go up against halo3...

boodybandit4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

No it doesn't.
It just needs to be another solid game for the PS3. MS and Sony don't have to play chess title for title. That is as bad as PS3 fans that say what does MS have to go up against MGS4, GT5, Final Fantasy, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, etc... Both console just need to keep on keeping on. I own both the 360 and PS3 so I gues to guys like me it doesn't matter as much.

If anything UT3, Haze, Warhawk and Socom have to be good to go up against Halo 3. MS doesn't really have any games like Heavenly Sword. That's what is so great about having both consoles.

dantesparda4132d ago

Why are you even responding to him? he's just being a fanboy. Its useless trying to talk sense to those people

Jaws Jr4132d ago

that lost quite a bit of sleep about this demo? I've been refreshing the darn PSN ever since it hit midnight in the UK.

Nice to have some official thoughts about release time by Ninja Theory.