Microsoft lowers Xbox 360 HD DVD Player price to $179, adds five free movies

Today at Comic-Con International 2007, Microsoft Corp. announced it will lower the price of the popular Xbox 360 HD DVD Player from $199 to $179 ERP (United States only) starting Aug. 1, 2007, and will add five free HD DVD movies for anyone purchasing an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30. In addition, Microsoft further solidified the Xbox 360 as the ultimate high-definition (HD) entertainment platform, with key announcements around the HD DVD launches of 300 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Heroes: Season 1 from Universal Studios.

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FeralPhoenix4132d ago

I think making the player itself even cheaper instead of the 5 free movies would have been a better route if they really want to get a big push for sales but its a great offer for those are ready to by HD movies and are interested in HD DVD content.

xmod4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

This effort is going to make little difference in the battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Less than 170,000 HD-DVD add-ons have been sold. The Xbox 360 HD-DVD player just is a repeat of the Sega CD- a gaming console add-on that's destined to fail in the marketplace (by fail, I mean not sell **relatively** large quantities).

FeralPhoenix4132d ago

I'm not sure if your comment is directed at me but either way I would like to point out that my comments did not say anything about having an affect on the HD-format battle....I simply said that I think lowering the actual price even further instead of giving away free HD DVD's would have been a better option IMO to sell alot more players. -Yes that may or may not have little affect on the format battle, but its still good news for those who are ready to buy HD movies and want a HD DVD player.

xbox360migs4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

The mega CD is not in any way comparable to the HD DVD add on, It was for games use and not movies. there is no confusion on xbox 360 when it comes to what format games are released on unlike the situation with the mega cd....any way sonic CD was awesome at the time!

xmod4132d ago

@feralphoenix: no the comments weren't directed towards you. i was just saying in general.

spikesld4132d ago

I think that its great andjust because of this I'm buying one just for my b-day thanks MS.(I just need one of those black covers to match my elite.)

xbox360migs4132d ago

If you have a HDTV and a 360 it is a brilliant low cost buy, I have one and have loads of movies now! If the format war does end up Blu ray dominated which I hope it does not because of the way they have handled the release of blu-ray with lack of standardization and leaving early adopters in the lurch with the lack of support for the upcoming new features, then I will not be to upset because the initial outlay was so small to get into watching HD movies and enjoying them.

the_round_peg4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

1. Target has just announced that it will only sell Blu-ray players in its stores. Target is the second largest stores in the US. That pretty much puts another nail in HD-DVD's coffin.

2. Microsoft has very little leverage in this format war. Microsoft does not own any content. When Microsoft gets into this sort of "free HD-DVDs" deal, it's actually going into dangerous ground and unfamiliar territory (i.e., the movie business) that Microsoft has no business nor influence in.

3. Even Xbox 360 offers very little support for HD-DVD... it's almost next to nothing. There is not a single Xbox 360 game that requires HD-DVD -- not even one! In addition, very few 360 games are being offered on HD-DVD as an alternative, and the HD-DVD versions are more expensive than the regular DVD version. Who in their right mind would bother with the HD-DVD version of a 360 game (which is an alternative and actually cost more)??

4. Toshiba has failed to timely and effectively respond to the recent onslaught of Blu-ray. So far, Toshiba and the HD-DVD camp have shown that they are totally inept in this war. I just don't think they are up for this war. At this point, it's pretty much a lost cause for HD-DVD.

DrRage774132d ago

um, where do you see xbox360 games being offered on hd-dvd???? as far as i know, and the rest of the world, there are ZERO xbox360 games on hd-dvd unless microsoft decided to offer this without telling anybody else in the world.

microsoft doesn't support either high-def movie format simply because they want to push digital distribution with it's downloadable movies and content, that could be a reason why they decided to only give a $20 price drop, so that it would not make people want to run out and buy it. microsoft has nothing vested in hd-dvd, and i would assume that toshiba or warner or the ones that are flipping the cost for giving 5 fre movies with the hd-dvd add-on drive and not microsoft.

DrRage774132d ago

this isn't much of a price drop. it went from $199 to $179. it would have been a lot better to give it a $50-$70 price drop and not offer movies, since most people tend to look directly at a products price, rather than what else comes with it. if you get 5 free movies, chances are that they have a selection of like 15 to choose from, so even though you get 5 free movies, they might not really be movies you are completely thrilled about.

if they would have pushed the price down to $129, these things would be flying off the shelves and generating real interest. alot of people don't have enouigh interest in hd-dvd or blu-ray, and would only get interested when there is a real price drop

sticky doja4132d ago

5 free movies? I was about to get a microsoft HD-DVD player for the movie 300 but I guess I will have to wait a day, then get it, along with 4 or 5 other movies, for $20 bucks cheaper than I would have payed. Its a steal of a deal for me.

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