PS2 Most Played Console In June

More than 68 million people played video games on a console last month, spending much of it on Sony Corp.'s older PlayStation 2, according to Nielsen research.

Hit the link to see how much the other consoles were played.

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Lord Anubis3835d ago

if developers want to make money they should develop for the PS2.

Captain Tuttle3835d ago

I think it's hampering game development for the PS3. At this stage of the game the PS3 is harder to develop for and there's a MUCH smaller install base.

mikeslemonade3835d ago

This is just a study for people who are just playing games. Many of those playing PS2 are not buying as much games as DS and 360 owners. The sales for games are the highest for DS, 360, and PS2 in that order or DS, PS2, and 360 depending on which territory.

deathtok3834d ago

I'm still playing games on the PS2 and I have many more to go. I'll upgrade to next-gen but I have plenty of time.

Chexd3834d ago

duhh....what do you expect? 100million ps2 users simpy through their console away when new software is being realeased?

PS360WII3834d ago

I play my PS2 still... well my PS2 games I should say. I wonder how they came up with the figure specially this one: Nielsen also found that households that own the Nintendo Wii are more likely to earn more than $100,000 a year. How does one conduct that study?

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