20th Anniversary Metal Gear Solid: Love Letter to Kojima

With the 20th anniversary event the other night, a few friends of Hideo Kojima got into the Kojima love fest by sending little video letters. Phil Harrison seems to be nicest and really why not.

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Lord Anubis3833d ago

I really hope there are 20 more years even if its carried by Raiden and the title changed to Metal Gear Raiden.

actionjackson3833d ago

I mean this sincerely. I have no clue what the next gen PS would look like without MG. We love you Kojima!

nomad1173833d ago

he heard i mean he randomly comes on here at this time of night ''sarcasim''

fopums3833d ago

Stan Lee's the man! Hideo has to feel great about his work considering all the praise he is geting, and he certianley deserves it

hotshot12373833d ago

cuz he wasnt afraid 2 try something new and it worked out in the long run

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