Interview with Curtis Creamer Bungie Design Producer on Halo 3

Curtis Creamer talks about Halo 3's campaign. And at Halo 3's end he cried a little... in a good way, not in a Halo 2 way. Click to read the whole interview with Curtis Creamer.

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hotshot12373860d ago

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otherZinc3860d ago

I hope by this guy crying at the end of HALO 3 in a good way, means THE MASTER CHIEF didnt die at the end, that would be the end of games as we speak for me.

VirusE3860d ago

I honestly think the chief will die at the end of halo3. It would suck but it would immortalize him like what happened with optimus prime in the 1986 transformers movie. He would be a martyr for human kind and that in my opinion would make him a legend.

Eagle Eye3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Yeah I heard he does in fact die which kinda sucks. But the part I really didnt like is that I also heard the humans lose. That would really suck.