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BTV: PS3 Move Hands On Exclusive

BTV: Our most exciting Gizmo episode ever! We are giving you the very first look at hands-on game demos for the PlayStation 3 Move, a whole new motion sensing controller for the console. Watch exclusive footage of upcoming games like Sports Champions and Start The Party. We interview people and get their gut reactions to their first time playing. (Casual games, Move, Move Party, Playstation Move, PS3, Sports Champions)

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ClownBelt  +   1988d ago
From actual people who played the game. All positive responses

It's good to see the reaction of normal folks who tried the Move.
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Jaces  +   1987d ago
It's amazing the feedback it's getting. If anything I hope it doesnt end up being a fad for the first year then end up never being played again (wii), hope they build on MOVE as much as possible.
Seferoth75  +   1987d ago
Jaces If it does get played like the Wii it will double the PS3 play time to actually out of last place.
Since you can act like a random famitsu poll of 300 people is the same as 75 million I can take the nielson next gen play times of a much broader range of gamers as complete fact as well

PS3 was doing so bad at one point the original xbox was getting more play time. Still havent seen any proof that the PS3 gets more play time than the Wii. I mean PS3 bundles just about every major game, their games get heavy discounts early and they still fail to achieve the numbers of games like Halo3 or SMG and those games came out when the install base for those consoles was lower than the PS3 is now, yet the PS3 still cant match the software sales of either console.
shqype  +   1987d ago
So True About The Wii
I remember my cousins were so excited for the Wii, they got one as soon as it was available. They played it and they loved it... for a while. Six months later they stopped using it, and it has been collecting dust since. It really was like a fad that was short lived, compared to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, which are still used by most of their owners years after they were purchased.

Anyway, to stay on topic, it was interesting to see the response Move was getting. However, I would have preferred if they demoed some of the more hardcore games as well. If Sorcery and SOCOM 4 were on display, that would truly be an epic experience!
PLAYWATCH  +   1987d ago
The PS3 has sold more software this past year than the Xbox360. 115 million to 103 million copies. Take your misinformation someplace else. FYI this is not 2007.
boodybandit  +   1987d ago
Love that it was real people giving honest opinions
I'm sold.
Picking up 2 sets day 1!
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1987d ago
i thought u had to be in the business to get into E3 :-/
Parapraxis  +   1987d ago
Sony was demoing it at a few Best Buys.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1987d ago
oh look!!! real people, not celebrities!!!
deadreckoning666  +   1987d ago
Real people testing out new products? BLASPHEMY!

Edit: Holy crap! Start the Party is the s**t!
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maddhatter123  +   1987d ago
celebrities are the only people that know what is best for us. :)
dc1  +   1987d ago
funny! ... and sad at the same time. +Plus bubs for you!
HolyOrangeCows  +   1987d ago
If Tom Hanks hadn't advised me on who to vote for, I might have voted for a 3rd party! Good thing he saved us.

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BubZ-SkullY  +   1987d ago
the fact that this is not a sony video is why it not celebrity endorsed, and maybe if it was you might have seen celebs. But hey this video confirms me getting the move, i don't think the site is a sony fanboy site so i will see this vid as 100% real people, not actors trying out the move for the first time.

And that guy that has 8 PS3!! talk about support thats ridiculous i only have my launch 40gb and its still goin strong, he has to spend, maybe he has a big family.

The accuracy is what i wanted to hear from the people the most, cos i don't want it to be like the wii, don't get me wrong i enjoy playing the wii and i have played it several time, i dont own one though, but i have to say certain actions need to be repeated to get it right.

I appreciate Nintendo for being the first to come out with this motion stuff, it allows others like microsoft and sony to further improve them and make them even better. Sony alrady did it with eyetoy but not alot of people were ready for motion gaming without controllers, now microsoft are trying to improve that which i think is a great concept, and if they fix the lag issues show us actual LIVE gameplay for non-fitness related games then they will be good.

Sony on the other hand took the wii remote and improved it greatly with 1:1 motion tracking which alot of people have said and seen is great, its a good move on their behalf because everyone would be used to its concept because of the wii, the only thing is alot of casual gamers won't be attract to the full price of the ps3 if they don't already own one, considering that the wii is that cheap and it does motion gaming almost as good as sony's move.

all in all i will purchase move since i only have the ps3, but i am not a serious fanboy although i really want sony to do well, and deliver content we neeed on the psn and for the ps3
dc1  +   1987d ago
Well said Bubz +plus Bubble for you.

This video is the best form of advertising a company can possible have.
- Independent
- Neutral location
- Genuine

(I will be picking up the move as well)
BubZ-SkullY  +   1987d ago
thanks mate, sometimes things have to be said how it is, not because of what console its on, all 3 major consoles have potential its how they go about deliver it to the best is what we gamers need. thanks again for the bubbles..
Moonboots  +   1987d ago
aaaannnddd.. I got a Subway gift card...

aaaannnddd.. I got a Playstation T-Shirt...


that kid was funny but kinda revealing as well.. :)

The impressions seemed pretty genuine and it's good Sony isn't shy like another company we know.. I want the PS3 and Move to be successful as well. Agreed.
BubZ-SkullY  +   1987d ago
times like these i wish i lived in america, lol, but seriously everthing comes out there first. NOT COOL
Raoh  +   1987d ago
nice video
Bigpappy  +   1987d ago
Good PR from the locals
Most are gamers who already own a PS3. The mom will be getting Move for the kids who already have a PS3. I will be interesting to see how many PS3's the Move move.

If Sony can sell enouth of the PS3 + Move to Wii only users and casuals as a whole, they would have succeeded at upstaging M$ with Kinect. They have about 1 1/2 month head start. If M$ gets their kiosk in stores early October, then that may not be a big advantage for Sony. Having some one on hand to help people learn how to use the controller and play the demos did get things moving along quite well.
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nefertis  +   1987d ago
Oh boy this can get ugly, soccer mom and child will be all over this , this holiday season. D1B for me.
Moonboots  +   1987d ago
Funny watching Iron Maiden dude putting little birdies in baskets!!

But looked cool and looked very accurate! But all just mini-game and sports stuff.. need me more hardcore.
RBdrift  +   1987d ago
Ha,i thought i was the only one to notice the Iron Maiden guy with the birdies,kinda funny.
Mista T  +   1987d ago
I thought at 8:41 I saw greenringoflife, but he has a wii and a ps3, so I knew it wasn't him.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   1987d ago
dont read any article about it.. but...
what cause more impact...
the new Xbox 360 or the Slim?
ChanDangle  +   1987d ago
Oh snap 9:22 in harry potter got a shot at it.
dc1  +   1987d ago
@ChanDangle very good
I commented about him deeper in the thread.. glad someone else noticed.

- Thunder cats Moooooooovvvvve!!!.. I mean Gooooooooooo!
marioporter  +   1987d ago
Of course....
The fanboys are all even keeled about Move. Those games were LAME. If those were Kinect games, you would have been just burning this post up. I love my 360. I don't have a PS3. But that doesn't make me a fanboy just because I don't have one. I happen to think the PS3 is a nice system. I saw the Kinect games and i was like, "meh". This video goes to even further prove the point that motion controlled gaming is nothing but a gimmick. Sony and MS both hoped on the hype train while it was going full speed. And instead of getting off the train, they had to follow through and give us this crap. All of this will last less time than the Wii did. Because at the end of the day it's all the same gimmicky BS. I'm not saying that Kinect is better than Move. Move is impressive with it's accuracy. But I'm more interested in Kinect as a way to interface with my Xbox and entertainment center. That's about where my excitement ends.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   1987d ago
diffrence is ps move has casual and hardcore games where as kinect is all casual..and another thing..the casual games on ps move just look more fun the the casual games on kinect
shqype  +   1987d ago
While Kinect does provide a cool new way to interface with your entertainment center, it is kinda sad that's about the only thing it provides for the core gamer. Is it really worth it to purchase Kinect solely for that purpose? On a side note, I thought it was weird how the actors at MS' press conference kept prefacing every command they gave with "Xbox, ____". For me it got annoying very quickly. I understand that something is needed for Kinect to differentiate between a command and other conversation, but saying "Xbox, ____" before everything just seemed weird to me.

Anyway, I understand your concern with the games shown: they are largely casual games, and do not do much to impress the core gamer. However, the biggest thing to gather from these games is the high level of accuracy and precision that the Move possesses. If you can notice it in these games, you can imagine what it will be like in the more hardcore games.

As I stated above, I think Sony should have demoed the more hardcore games that properly demonstrate what the Move is capable of. Sorcery just looks fantastic as a "bridge" game (that will appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers) and I simply cannot wait for SOCOM 4. Those are two core games that we have seen employ the Move splendidly, so the argument that motion control doesn't work for hardcore games falls flat with the PS Move. Keep in mind that Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, and Killzone 3 will all feature Playstation Move functionality, and you can see that the future is bright for hardcore motion control.
Jeff257  +   1987d ago
Definitely a day one buy for me. Id really enjoy playing Start The Party and Sports Champions with my kids, SOCOM 4 and later KZ3 for me. Also even later all the other titles Im sure will end up supporting this. Nintendo did well to get motion controls out to the mainstream and Sony has taken that and really improved on it as some people said in the vid. Motion controls imo have a place in gaming especially if the company using them has software for every type of gamer.
HaVoK308  +   1987d ago
The Move can move right on past my house.
Canas2010  +   1987d ago
What a great video. Game over Kinect.
dc1  +   1987d ago
What's up with the man child at the 9:30 mark?
just saying...

..Go Move GO!
despair  +   1987d ago
looked like he was on steroids or something.
Megahurtz1986  +   1987d ago
Day one purchase for me. Already have the PSEye so I'll probaly get the move and the sub controller. Go and get the PSEye now if you don't already have it!!!
tiamat5  +   1987d ago
Do you see that? Actual smiles, actual opinions, actual gaming. Not rehearsed, not from celebs, not from people bribed with PS3s,not from a Sony site or a Sony video. The casuals have spoken. The Move is awesome and isn't going away anytime soon. Nintendo you should strengthen your defenses and offenses cause Sony is coming for you and Microsoft you should start digging a hole and buying a coffin for the Kinect.
WiiPS3beats360  +   1987d ago
couldn't have sayd it better
BTW Kratos is coming for Nintendo and M$ as well so they better hurry the digging

Kratos is buyin a move Day 1 too
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rakunado  +   1987d ago
Yep most realistic kids ever... oh wait it is REAL... that birthday thing about mum is what I wouldve said a long time ago when nintendo had the lightgun and duck hunt(although i never got it).

Nice to see normal ppl's reactions and nothing staged. This is how it should be.

Alot of people who don't own a Wii think MOVE is the same, lol... i laugh at ignorance. They may look the same, the controllers may look the same, but that is actually where it ends, Wii doesn't do depth perception and doesn't react when you twist your wrist or bring it behind your back(even with motion plus). What annoys me the most is that most people saying Move is Wii, don't EVEN have a Wii.
Seferoth75  +   1987d ago
LOL.. Guy using the bow and while he goes for the arrow the game is already got it loaded... The guy is holding the controller in front of him and the on screen avatar is going for another arrow on their back..
Chick slices a melon from left to right and it splits top to bottom.
Saw most of this on Wii already and it was just as responsive.
Obviously the people buying into this never used a Wii beyond Wii sports. Elebits offered controls similar to the flashlight game and it worked perfectly.

Some of the stuff said in the video is laughable too. One guy didnt even know the Wii has more thana gyroscope in it. Its hard to take this seriously when the only real negatives are coming from 14-21 year old males who don't seem to know how some things work and are being paid to give it a good testimonial. If it wasnt a great one they didnt let it get shown, but like sheep you'll believe that everyone loved it.
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myothercar  +   1987d ago
Bow: guy wasn't listening to the instructor on how to play the game. But once he started paying attention to people's advice he began breezing through it.

Melon slicing: each fruit has a single falling-apart animation regardless how you slice it. What you're complaining about is just a presentation thing, not a tracking error.

And no, Wii can not do a significant amount of the things in this video. In the party game, Move works in conjunction with the Eye to pinpoint the exact 3D location of the controller. It's combined with augmented reality to put virtual objects in your hand to replace the remote, and then you swing directly at whatever. With the Wiimote, you can tilt and roll the controller and flick it, but you can't, for instance, hold it up to your face, hold it down by your feet- the Wiimote doesn't know where it is, it just knows what direction it's moving, and that's not good enough.

I see your other posts and apparently you're having trouble understanding the functions of the wii and move cameras. They don't work the same way. The Move camera tracks the controller's absolute position. The Wiimote camera tracks the controller's pointing. But since the Move has a magnetometer and gyros that can track 8 full rotations per second, it can do pointing without needing what the Wii has. The problem for the Wii is it doesn't have a way to do what the PS Eye tracks- the absolute 3D position- and it's what (aside from graphics) sets Move apart from the Wiimote.
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shqype  +   1987d ago
You're right about the melon slicing. That's the result of the single slicing animation that the creators of that game built into each fruit getting sliced, not a result of improper tracking. The point of that game is to be a cheap thrill that markets motion control to the casual crowd (that doesn't look for or need the level of precision the core gamer expects), so having one or two slicing animations is fine to illustrate the main point that you have chopped the fruit.

However, if this was something like Metal Gear Rising, you can be sure that however you sliced the fruit (with the Move controller) is the way that it would be cut on screen!
darkdoom3000  +   1987d ago
I hope theres a "sculpt your own" move addon.
I would love to make Lionheart (FFVIII) and just go slashing enemies. -has a trigger too!
shqype  +   1987d ago
That's actually awesome! Imagine playing as Squall with the Lionheart. You can finally actually swing the Move and squeeze the trigger to shoot the gunblade in game :D
brew  +   1987d ago
That mom in the video was adorable.
djfullshred  +   1987d ago
lol, glad I am not the only one that noticed.
Jrome  +   1987d ago
Don't be afraid to say it...MILF
Jrome  +   1987d ago
My birthday is september 17th...and this comes out september 19th...preorder CONFIRMED.

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