Marvel vs Capcom 3 Full Character List Revealed

Taken from the official page comes the Full Character list of Marvel vs Capcom 3! Check it out!

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topgun332863d ago

Finally She-hulk gets some love, and is going to be an integral part of a video game instead of being thrown in as a lame mini boss battle in UA2. (Ultimate alliance)

DJexs2862d ago

yah the boss battle in UA2 was lame.

There is not gambit which blows least they have deadpool in there

JsonHenry2862d ago

Wesker should have been in the game. Not enough capcom villains made it.

Simon_Brezhnev2862d ago

well this is Scamcom were talking about. You know a lot of characters are going to be DLC. Well they are greedy so it might just be a new game.

PirateThom2862d ago


You don't even need a team, just Haggar ruining everyone's day.

despair2862d ago

this is fake they already said no Fantastic Four would make it in and Mr. Fantastic's name is there.

HQLocated1112862d ago

Umm no Sentinel???? Fuck you capcom

Bluemaster772862d ago

That was one of the cheapest character in the game good riddance that he's gone

HQLocated1112862d ago

Nah he cracks me up with his rocket punch, i want him in the game.

user8586212862d ago

Wolverine FTL!

Gambit FTW!

how about swap them :)

blu_yu_away2862d ago

I too was quite disappointed not seeing Gambit's name on that list.

Rocket Sauce2862d ago

I'll be severely pissed if X23 makes it in over Gambit.

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The story is too old to be commented.