Capcom E3 Round-up

Capcom recently took center stage at E3 and showed us what they have planned for the rest of the year. Capcom’s most anticipated game is undoubtedly Dead Rising 2 and unfortunately we only get to see a mini-game taking place; even though it’s still comical viewing. However, a prologue hitting Xbox Live soon which is set 3 years before Dead Rising 2 called Case Zero has been given a trailer, letting us know more about the storyline of the prologue and showing us a healthy (unless you’re a zombie on the receiving end) amount of gameplay; and it’s looking good!

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Donny2175d ago

please give us a new resident evil. ;)

Greyfoxdbz2175d ago

Yes, please give us a resident evil where you can move and shoot at the same time, and maybe reduce chris's biceps to a more human proportion so I can see past his arms

utdalanbaxter062175d ago

Running and shooting at the same time would completely remove the horror from the Resident Evil series though.

Greyfoxdbz2174d ago

Dead space was way scarier than resi 5, and that was with the ability to move and shoot

Evoluti0n2174d ago Breath of Fire 6... :/ *SMH*

boc2174d ago

Capcoms most anticipated game is *not Dead Rising 2. It is without a doubt Marvel Vs. Capcom 3! I've seen the actual game play and it's shaping up to be totally mind blowing!! This will be proven beyond *all doubt in the coming months. Remember you heard it here......

Katana Yamato2174d ago

Another E3 and yet no DMC 5 announcement *yawn*