PS3 Gets EMotion FX 3

Mystic Game Development announced today that EMotion FX 3 is now available for PS3. The middleware is a real-time character animation SDK designed for multi-core processor systems. The Cell processor that powers the PS3 incorporates 8 SPEs.

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Phantom_Lee4131d ago

Im not a smart guy when it comes to a better tool to develop games?

Counter_ACT4131d ago

I think its an engine which can be licensed. I dunno if you realised, but a few games for PS3 (but not just PS3, mind) say "Havoc" when they start up. Thats the Havoc engine, which is a physics engine. I think this is the same kind of thing but for character animation.

Ju4131d ago
EMotion FX is a realtime character animation system designed to be plugged into any 3D engine, game or any other product.
Basically it allows natural looking and animated characters in a game.

BlackTigea4131d ago

If this tools, is gona give more help to developers to tap in to the PS3 power, that can't be a bad think. If its gona help make characters more Natural hey by all mean thats a good thing. Well lets see what this tool will end up making in the future.

DiLeCtioN4131d ago

is this giving more advantage to the ps3 or just another tool?

AllroundGamer4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

middleware is always good, licensing costs money, but is saving some time to the developers that can be used for other important things.

Edit: i hope this link will help to understand, what is it about :)

ARVO4131d ago

But hopefully this actually is intuitive and doesn't require extensive learning, like current middleware for the delay-station. If it makes characters look better at all would be a good thing, and anything that makes programming that beast easier is a godsend.

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