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Crysis 2 - E3 2010: Developer Walkthrough Part I & II

GT writes: "Crytek shows off the different tactics made available based on your play style and showcases the features of the nano suit." (Crysis 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Shaman  +   1907d ago
WOW 0_0'
DelbertGrady  +   1907d ago
Watch it in HD, I dare you :)
Best looking console FPS this gen. The gameplay looks much more inspired than in the first game and it's nice to see how well it runs on the 360 hardware.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1907d ago
u do realize thats PC gameplay with 360 controller lmao
panasonic23  +   1907d ago
Dude it been comfirmed that 360 footage and in 3D
StanLee  +   1906d ago
Yeah, they've been demoing the game since early this year on the XBox 360. I don't know if it's because they're in partnership with Microsoft but they haven't shown much of the other platforms. Trust me, the PC version will far surpass what we've seen. If that was PC footage, it would be reason to be disappointed.
SaberEdge  +   1906d ago
StanLee, you're exactly right. I expect the PC version to look more like the last trailer in terms of visuals.

The 360 version still looks amazing for consoles, but the PC version running on good hardware will blow minds.
bjornbear  +   1906d ago
...i watched it in HD
looks amazing, but its not the best looking FPS =/

I suggest you play KZ2 in HD, it still has way more effects and crazy lighting

this isn't linear, its open world, AND that is impressive

still,easily best looking FPS on the 360, but its not the most realistic sorry =/

go to PC if you want a superior version, I bet you it makes this version look like sh!t

then again, this can be extremely subjective...so thats just my impression, and I have seen KZ2 an HD screen...its uncanny.
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seij555  +   1906d ago
Not really open world at all. It has small pockets of sandbox in a linear structure.
auburncoast  +   1907d ago
Did anyone notice that alien that kept jumping up onto a platform and then jumping down only to jump back up on it over and over? It was in part 1. Hope they fix glitches like this before release!
The Creep  +   1907d ago
Oh my goodness.

look at the graphics (HD ofcorse)

easily best graphics on consoles to date
Xfanboy  +   1907d ago
Awsome 360 is pushing it!! way better in HD....

Can'twait for PC though!!
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bjornbear  +   1906d ago
looks insane!!! =D I am really hyped for this game! can't wait x3

very impressive for an open world game! easily best looking multi-plat game to hit consoles this gen! =O (ever)
Jeromejones  +   1906d ago
looks great but sterile in a sense... but still pushing nice textures and effects. I cant help but feel the whole design of this game was based to incorporate for the lowest denomination being the consoles, using the city backdrops. I can see a fair bit of aliasing aswell. It will be interesting to see how crytek makes use of the PS3 and its SPUs and if it implements MLAA.
SaberEdge  +   1906d ago
If you are expecting the PS3 version to look better I suspect you might be disappointed.

Devs say crazy stuff all the time, but when the game is actually released we find that they were just blowing smoke. Heck, even the Ghostbuster devs were bragging about what they were accomplishing on the PS3 and we all know how that turned out.

I'm just saying, don't take some isolated comment by the devs as solid proof of anything.
BYE  +   1906d ago
Looks very good for a multiplatform title. Surprising what they can still squeeze out of the old 360.
snaileri  +   1906d ago
PC version for me.
It's the best version of the three.
NnT3291  +   1906d ago
Looks awesome. I hope Crytek will show something about the game they're making 4 the 360 soon
webeblazing  +   1906d ago
what fp cover. none of these levels look open world you maz well call halo open world. the first crysis was open world. no wonder they aint show the pc ver cause you can easily see the dumb crysis down for the consoles. it looks good but its sad to see pc exclusive getting dumb down just for the sake of console sells. they not even showing the pc. instead of showing people why they sould upgrade or buy pc they show this a game that look like theyre going backwards.
etownone  +   1906d ago
One game to rule them all.

Would be ironic if this multiplat game delivers the best graphics on both PS3 and 360 this gen.

Whatever shall the fankiddies do then??
xg-ei8ht  +   1906d ago
It looks Very nice, best looking i'm notso sure.



This is early footage with no sound. But i'm still impressed with it,
hoops  +   1906d ago
Both games are on par IMO. Different art styles.
Crysis 2 is goes for a more photorealism and KZ3 more of a art form. Both looking amazing...
The game that just might eclispe them all is RAGE
The Creep  +   1906d ago
looks freaking amazing. but i can confidently say crysis 2 looks better
hoops  +   1906d ago
One of the best looking games on consoles easily.
jalen247  +   1906d ago
Very impressive running on a 360. Crytek has pushed the 360 to its limits.
The Creep  +   1906d ago
more like beyond its limits

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