Not All Cars in GT5 Will have a Cockpit View

A new interview with Kazunori Yamauchi reveals the key difference between Standard and Premium cars.

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gaffyh2982d ago

That kinda sucks, but I hardly ever play a racing game in cockpit view, for some reason I can never tell where the boundaries of the car are.

xtreampro2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I don't think the author meant that. ALL calls will have cockpit view, but the premium models will have finer detail such as roll cages, and damage implementation.

That's what he meant, since we already know that many standards cars in GT5 Prologue HAD cockpit views. This has already been clarified over at GTPlanet

Persistantthug2982d ago

Because all GT games have a behind the wheel view....Prologue 5 included.

PirateThom2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yeah, just read the thread over there, seems to have been a combination of translator-san and interiors vs cockpit views and what they specifically mean.

Eurogamer also mentioned Porsche and, as we know, that's definitely not happening.

gaffyh2982d ago

Oh right, that makes more sense lol.

Dnied2982d ago

Why would they remove cockpit views from 800 cars? lol

Montrealien2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This is GT2 all over again. Hundreds of cars yet many of them just doubles. 1000+ cars are announced for GT5, yet only 200-300 will matter and be highly detailed. And that is fine.

I can`t wait for this game, and it lands on my birthday! woot!

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BeaArthur2982d ago

I agree it does suck. I was looking forward to getting used to the new cockpit view but if they aren't going to have it for every car I'm worried the switching will throw me off.

takohma2982d ago

try using the steering wheel. I used to hate cockpit view because it felt like your vision was blocked. but once you use the steering wheel it seems natural and you can drive better. atleast I think so. UNless you are using the steering wheel and just prefer the other views.

Hanif-8762982d ago

Lets put it this way... why would they put a Head-Tracking feature made intentionally for the interior view if not all of the cars have it...thats as simple as i can put it for all you idiots in disbelieve!

Montrealien2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Blu ray has unlimited potential imho. It sadens me to see these kinds of limitations when I though there were none. I am a little suprised GT5 does not only have premium cars with all the same features, this is Blu ray and years of development we are talking about here.

eitherway, it`s not to important for me I can`t wait for this game, GT5 will be awesome! Even if not all the cars are premium.

Perkel2982d ago

@ Montrealien

those 200 will be rendered fully with intakes , engines and everything under bonnet.

And it's hard to do interior of car like GTR concept because it doesn't have any engine etc..

killer88snake2981d ago

Crap sites like need to do their research before publishing bullshit articles in just to get hits.
Just reading a line in and then creating an article about it without checking the facts is not the right way to do it, if you are to be taken seriously.

Check out this article in kotaku :

in which it clearly says :
"Standard cars apparently won't have the exact interior modeling. For example, an Enzo's interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang's will look like exactly like Mustang's."

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PirateThom2982d ago

I definitely still think something is amiss here. GT5P had over 70 cars, all of which had cockpit views.

Eurogamer said: "standard cars won't have interiors, which is a bit sad, but there are, like, 800 of them"

I'm hoping "interiors" refers to fully modeled interiors but all of them will have a cockpit view behind the wheel. Even GTPSP had that.

Hanif-8762982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Nope, don't worry folks this article got it wrong the standard vehicles won't have any interior damage...not views like this article said.

The Meerkat2982d ago

Interior damage? WTF

Thats crazy, but a very nice kind of crazy.

Nikhil2982d ago

How do you get "interior damage" from "they will not have interiors"?

BeaArthur2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Good to hear, I was worried for a second. That makes sense though because I would find it hard to believe that a major detail like no cockpit view for most of the cars would be left out considering how much detail goes into GT games.

Perkel2982d ago

How do you get "interior damage" from "they will not have interiors"?

standard cars will have scratches and dents like forza and 200 premium will be fully destroyabla with real time deformation. Doors will fly off after few big hits you will see interior of car like engine

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xtreampro2982d ago

Your suspicious are correct indeed, since all (or most) cars WILL have cockpit views including the standards models.

Nothing has been compromised since we got a taste of the Prologue back in 07

The Meerkat2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Does that mean that only 1 in 5 cars will have crash damage and be able to flip?

And do multiple NSX and Skylines count towards the 200 premium cars?

raztad2982d ago

Game is coming Nov/2/2010. You will see.

xtreampro2982d ago

As far as we know, standard models, such as the Super cars will have minor damage with scratches, but there has been no word on flips or roll cages as of yet.

cobraagent2982d ago

Cockpit view =/= interior view
The cockpit view include the steering wheel, dash, windshield, ... This we will get for almost all cars except a special few concept cars (Nissan GT-R black mask for ex.) On the other hand, interior view means under the hood, inside the trunk, and suspension parts when the body panels have been damaged and flew off. You can imagine why they can only do 200 for now, model everything under the hood and behind panels take a lot of times.

seinfan2982d ago

When talking about cars and the word "interior" is brought up, it means where the people sit.

MexicanAppleThief2982d ago

This can't be right. I read somewhere on the official PS3 mag that all cars will have cockpit view.

Kleptic2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

its a translation error it sounds like...Cockpit view is not this 'interior view'...GT5 will be the first to get 'interior view'...which has rendered components under body panels, full car interior rendering with damage modeling, as well as under hood and trunk...This was always the difficult thing for licensing, as many car manufacturers simply don't allow it (its always a big deal to realistically show what happens to a road car hitting a wall at 150mph, at least to the people that create the cars)...

its basically going back to what cars do and don't have 'damage' thats all...As far as I know all cars will have a cockpit view though, save the confirmed concepts where interiors simply weren't even finished in the real cars...this is simply the view from inside the car while driving, but it doesn't mean said cars will have all the damage modeling incorporated...

confusing either way...I hope what I said is correct, as that was what was said in different interviews before...only with different wording that made it more understandable...if only 200 cars out of 1000 have a view where you see the steering wheel...thats lame...but GT5P had that feature on EVERY car, no reason they would remove it for the full release...

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