Has Microsoft Lost its Mojo?

In the pursuit to topple the Playstation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 seemed to be on the right course. A full one year head start combined with some killer games lifted the Xbox 360 quickly into the #1 next generation console slot. Gears of War proved to be the 2006 holiday hit that hardcore gamers craved, but since then a string of bad news have stung the software giant from Redmond.

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XxZxX3952d ago

OH GOD, FLAME BAIT.. let the battle begin

Marceles3952d ago

Oh no...*puts on fanboy battle helmet*. Every little setback a company has and someone has to make an article about them losing their focus or whatever...*looks at crowd of fanboys coming* aaaahhh *runs back in trench to hide*

razer3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Is Sony fanboy approved!!

Enjoy the show! I also love how it was posted in both the PS3 and Wii sections to get maximum flamage.. Yet, it has nothing to do with either..

However, MS does need to step up it's game and continue to innovate and bring dazzling titles to both the hardcore and casual(uggh I hate these people!) gamer.
Lately it does feel like they are slipping...

Maddens Raiders3952d ago

speaks of the PS3, Wii, and the 360. Although I think he took it the extra mile with this zinger from hell:

-- "Other problems with Xbox LIVE Arcade included the initial menu system, which was a step above using DOS to find things." --

totally unecessary and cruel to say the least. *_*

Sangheili853952d ago

I love the picture... Austin powers is awesome.

Mikelarry3952d ago

thats all i'm gonna say. theres no need to word battle.

Umbrella Corp3952d ago

your right we should not place bets because of one source this holiday season will show whose got the gamers edge but to be honest i hope everyone wins because being a gamer means to love and embrace your games.Wii owners will have Smash Bros,corruption and galaxy,ps3 owners will have lair heavenly sword and more and 360 gamers will have mass effect halo 3 and blue dragon we all win. : )

chasegamez3952d ago

please put something up worth
fighting over
not this