Watch Marisa Miller's banned Guitar Hero ad that was too sexy for TV

Footage has surfaced of a Guitar Hero ad featuring the super hot Marisa Miller (Sports Illustrated model) that was banned from TV for being too sexy previously. The ad features Marisa rocking out to Guitar Hero in her bra and pants with her legs flying all over the place. She's also appears to switch bras and opts for a pink theme while rocking out on the drums! Full video inside.

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qface642716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

that wasn't really all that thought
shes hot though

rkimoto2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

And to think that some people in this site said that she looked like a twig and that Amanda McKay was hotter (when both appeared in GTTV), no disrepect to Ms McKay indeed she's attractive, but Marissa Miller is in another league.

RedDragan2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

She's alright. Average really compared to the ladies who go clubbing in the UK.

But any game that relies on scantily dressed women to sell can't be that good.

Calm Down Sunshine2716d ago

'Average really compared to the ladies who go clubbing in the UK'

I'm not sure if you're joking or not.

RedDragan2716d ago

lol... no I am not joking.

Alot of women outside of the celebrity are far superior in looks to the women in the celebrity world. In the UK (well actually around the entire world) clubs are a place to see them all in one place.

*Drools* :D

SuperStrokey11232715d ago

The claims on their forums are just stupid, calling her alright... especially in compared to english chicks... like jeez people get over yourself.

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SeanRL2716d ago

Lol, it's an Activision game, and it's guitar hero.

They NEED scantily dressed woman.

Calm Down Sunshine2716d ago

Well I can't deny that there are truck loads of good looking unknowns..

But you must have better clubs than I.

The 3 or 4 that I've been in, I've walked in and walked out straight away after seeing:

RedDragan2716d ago


Yeah, I have seen those places as well!


Clubs are like Muller Lite Youghut. For everygood, there is a bad! It sounds like you are due 3-4 goods!

seinfan2716d ago

I can't consider her 'average' because of her body. She's almost a butterface, but it passes for me. She's like an 8.5.

FreeMonk2716d ago missus in a UK Club and she's minging! She does make a good Sunday Roast though! Yum.

Kingdom Come2716d ago

Most of the women who go clubbing in the UK are Slapper's in my opinion.
They are embarresments to themselves and are plastered in make up, I prefer women who take pride in their appearence without looking like they have headbutted a tub of foundation...

FreeMonk2715d ago

Well done...the comment headbutten a tub of foundation has earned you a bubble nomination! lol

jeseth2716d ago

Yeah, I see chicks like Marissa Miller all the time. So much so that I think she's plain jane.

Sure buddy.

Kurt Russell2716d ago

Depends where you go clubbing - Cream/Fabric - yeah I'll agree

Watford - Milton Keynes they are well rough.

G3org32715d ago

What were you expecting in Milton Keynes? Supermodels and Ferraris?

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Davoh2716d ago

that advert was selling lingerie?

popup2716d ago

Inspired from the film, 'Risky Business'. I prefer this version though:)

kasasensei2716d ago

Pretty hot for GH, that's sure. XD

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