Sam & Max Season Two: Episode 1 Interview

After being one of the worst kept secets in the game industry for the past few months, Sam & Max: Season Two got its official announcement today, just in time for Telltale's appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. To get some early details, 1UP went to Telltale's Dave Grossman.

1UP: Where does the story pick up? Any new characters you can discuss?

DG: The story starts fairly soon after the close of Season 1, though time is always a little bit nebulous with Sam & Max. There will be some new characters with roles of varying sizes, generally several per episode, and a number of returning cast members as well. I don't usually like to say much specific about new characters ahead of time, but I will say that that Stinky's Diner, which was tantalizingly visible near Sam and Max's office but frustratingly closed all last season, is finally going to be open.

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