New Move Title Announced - Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 Edit

Playstation Insider:

"Popular Arcade Shooter Charges into Homes with Enhanced Gameplay, Special Content, and PlayStation Move Support"

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sinncross3051d ago

FIrst the limited edition PS3 version of Dead Space 2 comes with DS Extraction on (with move support), and a new Time Crisis: too cool!

I wonder if Capcom will port that RE on rails titles from the Wii.

JasonXE3051d ago

I see why not. More money from them. Any game that's on the Wii has no real excuse not to be on the PS3 UNLESS development costs don't make it worth the time and effort.

Dragun6193051d ago

Capcom should release Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition bundled with Resident Evil 4 HD Remastered featuring Move Controls, All on one Blu ray Disc. That would be a great Move launch Title.

AridSpider3051d ago

Sure are racking in them hardcore titles. Can't be mad at that.

ProA0073051d ago

Time Cris kind of blows though. That game is ancient and never changes.

ThanatosDMC3051d ago

Find the new Terminator 4 arcade game. You'll have a ton more fun than Time Crisis.

Coded-Dude3051d ago

if this supports move and has real duck and cover i'm sold.

PirosThe4th3051d ago

You bet it will psmove can track your upper body movements so i bet you will be able to hide outside the camera or duck to dodge stuff.

I remember playing a rail shooter game that you it had sensor and you had to do that. It was really awesome, if they do that I am sold!

ProA0073051d ago

knew it was a matter of time before this game got announced for Move. NamcoBandai for you.

Tony-A3051d ago

I should've known it would have been a Move title. I'm honestly starting to get a bit excited for Move. I don't want to because I don't want Sony or the industry to get the idea that this is where things should go, but I can't help it!

Nintendo's conference is making me want a Wii, while Sony's conference is getting me pumped for Move. I feel uncontrollably hyped to play RE5 on Move, since RE4 felt so right on the Wii. That, along with the pleasant surprise (Sorcery) and my beloved volleyball, I just might have to get one separate from my parents.

Luckily I already have an Eye that I barely use.

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The story is too old to be commented.