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E3 2010 Killzone 3 15 minute developer walkthrough

Complete demo walkthrough video in HD. (E3, Killzone 3, PS3)

Credit url: gamespot.com
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WLPowell  +   1590d ago
thanks for the vid

Edit: Rico's useful? Already a far better game.
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halojunkie  +   1590d ago
quick i need a doctor, ive just been killzoned.
mal_tez92  +   1590d ago
looks great
But I can see the gameplay has been dumbed down from Killzone 2.

The recoil of the guns has been reduced, and the momentum whle aiming and moving has been decreased also. I hope it still feels awesome like Killzone 2 does, I don't want KZ3 to be a CoD clone.

I am really loving the amount of action, shooting chainguns from the lander = awesome. My jaw dropped when the Hig dropship got shot down at about 1:05.

I am a bit worried that the dumbed down gameplay may cause me to lose interest a bit quickly, seeing as how it took less than a week for me to get bored with MW2; I loved KZ2's shooting so much that I still play it now, it is easily my favourite shooting ever. While I like the new action, I loved the old gameplay; and I'll take gameplay over action any day of the week.

@raz - I know KZ2 scared off a lot of FPS noobs, while CoD catered for their lack of skill. I just wish KZ3 had the same awesome shooting that KZ2 did. MY idea is to have a "noob mode" option that makes the shooting CoD style, while regular mode is uncorrupted and not dumbed down.
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raztad  +   1590d ago

Probably GG is lowering the recoil to appease the masses. I know it sucks hard. Other possibility is MOVE integration.
ShinMaster  +   1590d ago
It's true. People were bitching about the weight/momentum/recoil. It was realistic because it made it feel like you were actually carrying something.
But people wanted the quicker, lighter and somewhat less realistic feel of games like COD or Halo(for those who have both consoles and/or played that game before).
Cevapi88  +   1590d ago
there will be options on how you want the controls to respond to you....but did you hear how the rifle has changed....sounds much stronger and more bad ass from KZ2....
halojunkie  +   1590d ago
double post
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HighDefinition  +   1590d ago
Hey man...
"It Only Does ACTUAL Demonstrations"

That vid is ALL win.
jack_burt0n  +   1590d ago
ur welcome.
el zorro  +   1590d ago
This video looks better than the last one I saw.
Rumor  +   1590d ago
chocked up when asked about how many weapons :/ i hope their is a buttload
besides the wasp and whatever.

BEST FPS of this Gen
raztad  +   1590d ago
God! this game looks ridiculously good, and it's still PRE-ALPHA. I dont think there is a single shadow of doubt it will blow anything else out there with ease.

Gameplay-wise it looks hugely improved from KZ2 in terms of variety. The jumpacks are AWESOME
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beavis4play  +   1590d ago
if what the devs are playing in the video is pre-alpha.........
then i'm speechless. it looks like a finished product already.

when considering how smooth the animations are and all the little ambient extras in the enviroment (check out that smoke/fog at 2:22 - amazing!).
there is nothing (including crysis2) that looks better.
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heroprotagonist  +   1590d ago
callahan09  +   1589d ago
Looks unbelievable. The jetpack gameplay looks like so much fun, the context-sensitive melee kills are brutal awesomeness, the graphics are the best I've ever seen (the arctic ocean waters crashing into the ice caps, the snow falling, the ridiculously pretty lighting and shadows...) This game is going to be so much better than Killzone 2, and Killzone 2 was already an excellent game.
QB_23  +   1590d ago
Whoa nice HD version. Looks fucking sweet! Much more footage in this version and the quality is bonerific. I'm in love with GG. :P This shit should look insane in 3D!

Safari users can go to Window>Activity and find the mp4 and download and save to comp.

Rico has been neutered in KZ3. XD He's a much nicer and more helpful guy. lol
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Mr Tretton  +   1590d ago
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1590d ago
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Reno17  +   1590d ago
I thought the footage during the conference was outstanding!!
CaliGamer  +   1590d ago
Very nice...
Sev has really gotten a change in his look, he looks a good 10 years older, almost not the same character. The game looks very sharp and seems to expand on what made KZ2 great. Stabbing enemies in the eye FTW, lol.

Edit: Rico being able to revive you is nice, but I hope he can get hurt too. I want the game to be challenging. He seems a lot more helpful this time around.
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twostep18  +   1590d ago
it looks stunning
love the snow effects
BYE  +   1590d ago
Not HD...
Edit: OK I figured out how to see the HD version, you have to sign in to Gamespot and download it.
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QB_23  +   1590d ago
if you click on the link below the vid you'll get the HD version. It's the same HD version whether you sign in to GS or not.
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SpaceFox  +   1590d ago
Guys, I'm sure it'll be in HD soon on Gamespot's Youtube channel.
Bellcross  +   1590d ago
Can't wait to see what they did with the Online Multiplayer, this game looks awesome.
Gitaroo  +   1590d ago
looks way better than the on stage live feed
sickbird  +   1590d ago
Killzone > halo... oh shit sorry it slipped. But seriously this looks amazing.
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CaliGamer  +   1590d ago
This is truth being spoken.
QB_23  +   1590d ago
Whatever floats your boat. :P
Dekonega  +   1590d ago
Oh yeah?
Halo 1 > Killzone 1
Halo 2 != Killzone: Liberation
Halo 3 < Killzone 2
Halo: Reach < Killzone 3

Do you agree?
callahan09  +   1589d ago
Nicely done.
emk2004  +   1590d ago
looks so amazing. the water and particles effects are amazing, the whole game blows my mind and its pre alpha. when this game is done eyes will bleed. i just hope they keep the gameplay the same as kz2, dont let whinny people screw up kz2 controls i like how they are now.
killalot100  +   1590d ago
I'm glad they made it more responsive. I like the weight feeling for kz2 but it felt too slow. the game had a lot of auto aim assist. i was better at hip firing then aiming down the scope because of the auto aim. It also felt like it took a whole second for the gun to fire after pushing the trigger. I do want the recoil to stay as is tho.
Kakihara  +   1590d ago
I've never been interested in these kinds of Michael Bay type games but this does look good, this and Crysis 2. I may have to finally buy Killzone 2 to prepare for this. My only problem will be trying to avoid intentionally killing the Jock douche I'm playing as.
mal_tez92  +   1590d ago
I like how you call games with action "Michael Bay games"

I think that's funny but it has some truth to it.
The Wood  +   1590d ago
you see the 'twist and shout' @ 6:15
TheFlyingPenguin  +   1590d ago
I hope we have increased in height in KZ3 because I didnt like a being about 4ft tall when standing next to Garza etc in KZ2.
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killalot100  +   1590d ago
i thought i was the only one that noticed that. lol
SuperDopetastic  +   1590d ago
i think because the camera was from chest view...if it was all the way from the eyes,i don't think you would be able to see the gun...so it kinda makes sense
Bhai  +   1590d ago
Oh Lord, the lighting, particles and destruction...
gives Crysis2 a run for its mommy... DAMN impressive... the water and fully volumetric snow-dust is ridiculously impressive... take notes Crytek! and I thought the live demonstration at Sony's e3 conference was amazing... this blows it out of water :0
trancefreak  +   1590d ago
It would be sweet if we could get this demo om psn.
ivant  +   1590d ago
I don't know...
The Jet Pack is a vehicle like the tank and mech in Kz2. They were great just like the Jet Pack, but not freely usable and used only once in SP. Should have been more. Questions relating to the the use of vehicles should have been asked.
Kingdom Come  +   1590d ago
Q: How many Melees Moves are there?
A:"Too Many to mention, no, but at the moment we have about 7."
Game looks good though.
SpartanQ8  +   1590d ago
i dont have a ps3 nd i'm xbox 360 fan but Kill Zone 3 one word WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW
worm2010  +   1590d ago
i enjoyed that, i hope they have more weapons this time around.
holmyc   1590d ago | Spam
Kos-Mos  +   1590d ago
"Get to the extraction point. Go marine. I need backup. Shot him. Haha."
I watched a video of a us soldier in Iraq that fired from a chopper on civilians and liked it. This game (and all other space-marine/cod games) reminds me of that mentality.
Grow up kids.

Graphics looks very good though.
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GeneralCole  +   1589d ago
Wait, you like to see INNOCENT people being gunned down?
megalonagyix  +   1590d ago
Looks impressive

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