Audience reactions to the new Nintendo 3DS

Watch as people play the Nintendo 3DS system for the very first time!

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BakedGoods2896d ago

It's amazing how consistent they are.

Cevapi882896d ago

i feel sorry for myself....i dont have 20/20 vision...fell off a 2 story house and could never see well through that eye...everything i see is through my right eye...the left, everything is blurry...i can make out shapes and some detail but thats i wish i could enjoy 3D

despair2896d ago

Nintendo consistent? This is the first nintendo conference I liked and pretty much all nintendo news since N64 days.

Funny I was looking for people playing the 3DS and i get their faces not the actual games lol.

gta28002896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You should get one of these bad boys

Cevapi882896d ago

not only would it help....but i would look like a total badass as well :D

Kevin ButIer2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

I just can't compete with a ton of hot chicks + an attached console to its "persona"...

... <3

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sixaxis2896d ago

has anyone seen the 3d effect on this nintendo 3ds. i just havent encountered a single video showing it! can someone post a link or something.

zireno2896d ago

3d doesn't work like that, you won't be able to see the effect through your monitor.

peowpeow2896d ago

Not properly anyway. I could see it in one of the videos posted by a commenter on n4g. I must say I was not a believer :) now completely sold!

eagle212896d ago

Nintendo was Nintendo this E3, and I loved it. :)

Pandamobile2896d ago

Sources say that the screens used for the 3DS can only really work in small form factors and woundn't really work on large TV's. I wonder if this technology could one day be adapted for 20-26" monitors. THAT Would be something.

Cajun Chicken2896d ago

I guess so. But you'd have to sit straight in front of it and not at that much of an angle. I guess that isn't much problem with a TV/monitor anyway.

Alcon Caper2896d ago


Post sources please.

Alcon Caper2896d ago

no, pandamobile, i didn't say click disagree...i said post sources...

zireno2896d ago

yes, as of now it only works with small screens, but I read that the technology for bigger screens like TVs and monitors is on it's way, but don't hold your breath on it because it'll probably come in about 5-7 years.

tatotiburon2896d ago

i feel sorry for the psp, once again beated by an "inferior" hardware

Homicide2896d ago

Have you seen the graphics for some of the 3DS games? They're insane; better than PSP's.

saint_john_paul_ii2896d ago

PSP is last gen hardware compared to the 3DS, what are you talking about?

its been more than 5 years since its launch. so of course it has been obsolete by newer tech...

Sunny_D2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

If you researched rather than troll, you would know the 3DS is actually more powerful than the PSP.

despair2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

really because nintendo hasn't released any cpu etc. specs on the 3ds so until then the only way to gauge is by the game graphics and quality and so far its mostly rendered video scenes for the graphics heavy should do some research also before trolling.

peowpeow2896d ago

Maybe it being 3D has something to do with it? I read comments about needing (approx.) double the processing power for 3D?

gta28002896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

As Pope said. PSP is old tech compared to 3DS. The handheld isn't even out yet. That's like trying to compare a 2004 Mustang to a 2011 Mustang. So of course it's gonna be better...or at least it should be. It would be ridiculous IMO, if at this point Nintendo made 3DS with older tech. But I'm pretty sure when Sony reveals the PSP2 it will surpass the DS in terms of hardware and leave it in the same place it left the DS when they were both out.

And why is it inferior? wasn't the 3DS just revealed today for the first time? I don't recall anyone ever calling the 3DS, something that didn't officially exist till today, inferior.

Seferoth752896d ago

"when Sony reveals the PSP2 it will surpass the DS in terms of hardware and leave it in the same place it left the DS when they were both out."

First place? lol Great point you made there

bjornbear2896d ago

by your own grammar fail =/

still,3DS is not inferior hardware since its new hardware, and supposedly superior

+ PSP was beaten by the DS so it WAS beaten by inferior hardware

but why do you care? you are 360 owner. Oh i get it....sorry for your loss =(

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Sigh2896d ago

cool video. Wished I was there to try the 3DS and the new Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Gitaroo2896d ago

Sony hyped 3D gaming, and nintendo benefits all of it. Kind of sad.

fatstarr2896d ago

o.o if anything Avatar should be credited for this full 3dwave
if Sony wanted to be successful they would sell 3d for cheap.

Nintendo took the fire for touch gaming and motion gaming. it just proves to me that you have to take risks and back something 100% no matter what. just like Nintendo.

MegaPowa2896d ago

but the 3ds was in developement way before avatar :0

Gitaroo2896d ago

they cant really sell it for cheap, like you can't compare to 3DS to a 50 inch 3D TV. They are 2 totally different scale of hardware. 3DS screen is probably one of the prototype from one of the electronic manufacturers lab that actually functional enough and cheap enough to make in small size. The game output at 400X240 (800x240 split in 2 for 3D). Thats a lower resolution than the PSP screen. Which they can probably get around with any smaller artifacts or side effect of the screen. PS3 wise Sony can only go with what is available in the market currently (3D TV + glasses) and use the PS3 to help spreading the tech to get ppl to adopt it.

fatstarr2896d ago

I am comparing it to the glasses for 3d tvs. these expensive things

I still don't have a strong feeling for motion gaming from Sony. it feels like they aren't 100% behind it. Microsoft went all out for its motion system. but Sony doesn't give that vibe. They should be looking for the next best thing like what Nintendo does.

to have a full expirence from sony I need a 3D1080p hd tv $____
a Ps3 $____ Move controller games and nunchuck $____ + the glasses $____ .

they need to find the next new thing currently it looks like Nintendo apple and google are the market leaders in changing the way we do things and changing the rules.

digitaledge2896d ago

Nintendo have been playing with 3D for years - even before the Virtual Boy. Miyamoto and Iwata collaborated on a game back in the NES days! The GC was also capable of 3D output too, but it was never used.

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