Weathering The Storm: Microsoft's 2007 Xbox 360 Lineup

Although Microsoft's E3 press conference boasted about their 'perfect storm' of gaming this holiday season, many gamers anxiously awaited new information regarding titles that were sadly passed over at this year's electronics exposition. Join while they fill in the gaps left by the conference, and revisit some of the looming clouds which comprise this: the perfect storm of gaming.

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Excalibur4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Strangle Hold didn't get bumped back.
It's hard dropping $120.00 in on week on games as Strangle Hold and Bio shock (and MotoGP '07) come out the same day. Wish it was still coming out on the 8th.

The following week Medal of Honor: Airborne

The week after that BlackSite: Area 51

Gawd I'm gonna be soooo broke!! :)

JsonHenry4108d ago

Why does ANYONE care about Blacksite Area 51 after playing the demo?

Mr Murda4108d ago

Yeah, good point JsonHenry. This was a game that I was excited about, but this is a case where releasing a demo hurts them. There have been a few games that I was excited about and then played the demo, only to find out that a game isn't what I thought it would be. This may hurt the publishers/developers, but it's good for the consumer.

BOT (Back on Topic), this is a HUGE line up of games for the 360 and will keep them competitive this holiday.

toughNAME4108d ago

i kinda wish they pushed mass effect back just to give my wallet a break

best fall line up.

fbetancourt4108d ago

We need to start saving up from now for this huge lineup lol.

THAMMER14108d ago

I'll do over time for my games. 2.5 hours O.T. per game. 8 new 360 games 20 hours of O.T. 4 hours a week. Every game I want. no big deal.

trueltie54108d ago

Didn't the ship sink in the end of the movie "Perfect Storm" ? I hear Peter Moore was called George Clooney, and J Allard was Mark Wahlberg around MS....

stingray91914108d ago

You have it all wrong the perfect storm is the 360 lineup and the ship is the PS3 and Wii.

Covenant4108d ago

I've already saved enough for BioShock and Halo 3; next paycheck will cover Mass Effect.

Now I need money for Two Worlds, Blue Dragon, Lost Oddyssey, Assassins's Creed, DMC4, Army of Two, Too Human, much do blood banks pay these days? Or, I can make do with one kidney...

Wow, what a lineup. And as for my friend who owns ALL THREE systems...well, he's talking about maxing out his Visa card! Best gaming lineup EVER for multiple consoles!

ASSASSYN 36o4108d ago

Missing some games out of that lists.

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