Dead Rising 2; Wii Okami in development?

Capcom's Kenji Inafune has denied rumours that either Dead Rising 2 or a Wii version of critically acclaimed PS2 game Okami are currently in development, but hasn't ruled out the possibility of this changing in the future.

Speaking to, Inafune denied that Dead Rising 2 was in development, but did express a desire to work on a new Dead Rising game: "this is something we hear a lot from the press - Dead Rising 2, and we're not making it right now, but it is something I would love to make… I love the game and would love to do it."

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Excalibur4164d ago

If you make it I will buy it.
I think over a million copies sold warrants a sequel.

ArduousAndy4164d ago

They better make a sequel

VirusE4164d ago

Yeah Dead rising was an amazing game!

BubblesDAVERAGE4164d ago

I can pretty much gaurentee that this game will be on ps3 along wiht lost planet two. Since they got this new " engine " that makes it easier to port games if thats true then Dead Rising better be annouced along with lost planet for ps3 or they will lose all of the playstaion Nation business...well mostly fanboys because im buying RE5 and monster hunter for my ps3 and psp regardless

power of Green 4164d ago

Seems like wishfull thinking to me are you saying they better make these games on the PS3 or else?!. LOL PS3 nation or Sony nation-whatever the hell you said has already b*tched about LP and DR not to mention Capcom laughed at the massive amounts of fanboys threatening them about DMC4.

Lost Planet is a Online game at heart they're not happy with PS3 and its sales right now we'll see what they do after the PS3 clearence is over and the the true trend is revealed. If it changes from what it was before the clearence after the clearence is over.

Phantom_Lee4164d ago

Im just glad that Okami is not dead....its always a shame to see games like spider-man 3 sold more than games like Okami...

Rhezin4164d ago

f!ck that I hope lost planet 2 and dead rising 2 NEVER go to ps3. You should be happy with killzone and mgs4, lose all the playstation buisness? ok wow what happened when the first two were only on 360, they didn't seem to lose any "business" at all.

Covenant4164d ago

Okami on the Wii, using the Wiimote?

Match made in heaven.

Now, let's hope that a new iteration of the game leads to better sales, and more appreciation for how great Okami really is.

ChickeyCantor4164d ago

amazing how ignorant people disagree with you, the controls are just perfect for the game and yet they dont see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.