Twisted Metal extended trailer in HD

PSU Writes: "Twisted Metal was one of the biggest surprises at Sony’s press conference today. We have a nice little surprise for you below, an extended HD trailer for the game.

Eat, Sleep and Play’s upcoming Twisted Metal looks like it’ll be a multiplayer mash-up like none other."

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Jpinter2988d ago

Extra gameplay footage after the regular trailer in the beginning. Looks bad ass!

Wildarmsjecht2988d ago

Yea for real. This still has some time before release right? It still looks like it could be polished to the sheen that most ps3 exclusives are known for. Considering its Jaffe and I KNOW he'll have support from many at Santa Monica and ND, he can make this game look muuch better. Not to say that it looks bad now, far from it, but I want to see the cracks in Sweet Tooths mask as I blast a rocket towards his face.

Lionhead2988d ago

Argh 2011 is the new 2010 =D

Expecting stuff to get delayed into 2011 anyway lol

Can't friggin wait!

-Alpha2988d ago

LOL! "It Only Does Ice Cream"


sikbeta2988d ago

Totally Awesome

Nuff said...

gta28002988d ago

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I cant fucking wait!!!!! Twisted Metal will rule once again!!! Twisted Metal+online=Epic!!!!!!

SpLinT2988d ago

yup, i said "if a clown picks up that cigar, im rebuying a ps3" .. im getting a slim in a few months for this game.

fedex6822988d ago

I am totally new to the Twisted metal franchise, so please bear with me for my ignorance.

Will this be a singleplayer and multiplayer game or only a multiplayer game?

VileAndVicious2988d ago

Usually Twisted Metal has both a SP campaign and multiplayer. This one looks a little like it may be multiplayer only though...

Lionhead2988d ago

He confirmed single player AND multiplayer

So mwhahaha

fedex6822988d ago

appreciate your reply. Thanks!

Qbanj692988d ago

Why does it look like a psn game? Not hating, very big fan of TM. Just NOT what I was expecting.

Focker4202988d ago

Its pre-alpha, they still have alot of development time left.

soljah2988d ago

one thing you have to understand about twisted metal. its all about the game play. don't think this will be built to be a graphical powerhouse. jaffe will build this to be the best mother fu#king online vehicle combat game of this generation.

Kleptic2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

uh...well...TM black came out in 2001, and lasted the entire generation as easily one of the best looking titles on any platform...Jaffe will get it done...This does look very early in development though...

its pretty obvious though that its using some form of Warhawk's engine...and Warhawk had lots and lots of visual changes right up to the end of development, and at the time was excellent looking...still is...

On a side note...can't wait to see definitely appears to be somewhat similar to Black's style...with Sweet Tooth's burning head, and him being the overall mascot more or less of the title...while in tm1 and 2 he was mostly just a playable character, the 'story' didn't really revolve around him...

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ThatCanadianGuy2988d ago

I had goosebumps when i herd the ice cream truck music during the conference..
This game is going to be so (excuse the language) FUCKING AWESOME!!

That trailer basically sums up the rest of my gaming life.
Once Twisted Metal is in my PS3 it's never coming out.

Cregan45842988d ago

Agreed. Midnight release, here I come!

sikbeta2988d ago

The Presentation was Totally Awesome, I was Like OMG! when I heard the Music and then the Truck Coming, Just WOW...

the-show-stopper2988d ago

i was so happy when i heard the ice cream truck music
plus when i was watching the stream i heard some guy say "no way!" lol

spektical2988d ago

dude me too.. right wen i heard the whole convo about vehicle skill game, i was like no, i dont think its that... then the ice cream truck music just gave me goosebumps.

cant wait!

A change in the wind2988d ago

Yeah, as soon as that cigar hit the ground, and the music was barely audible, I think I had the most raging goosebumps I`ve ever had in my life. I`m so damn proud to be part of Playstation`s history.

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mirroredderorrim2988d ago

See you online when it releases.

Cajun Chicken2988d ago

Oddly enough, I've never really played Twisted Metal, after this; I feel like things will change.

spunnups2988d ago

get TM2 off PSN or go find TM:Black in the bargain bin for PS2. Both will give you just a taste of whats to come.

Cevapi882988d ago

if you could find the original Twisted Metal and Black for the Ps2, those will give you the most entertainment you have had in a while....both were made by Jaffe....TM2 on the other hand wasnt...made by 989 studios

CernaML2988d ago

wtf Are you talking about? Twisted Metal 2 WAS created by David Jaffe and the original SingleTrac studio and is probably still the best Twisted Metal game ever created.

Cevapi882988d ago

my bad....TM3 was made by 989 studios...

Kleptic2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Jaffe and Campbell made TM1, TM2, TM Black, TM Head On PSP, and a TM Head on PS2 port...which had all kinds of franchise history...

I think Incognito (at the time Jaffe's team) made Small Brawl very late in the PS1's life cycle, but can't remember...only one I never played...

989 made twisted metal 3 and twisted metal 4...which might as well been combat games from a different franchise...they looked, played, and 'felt' like different games...nothing like the originals...and most fans of the series simply ignore that they even exist (read: Terminator 3 and Salvation)...

Jaffe claims Twisted Metal 2 was the 'best' from a gameplay standpoint...but Black was easily the best looking, and had the highest production value (still to this day has the undeniably coolest menus of any title ever released)...still looks great even by today's can be hard to play 1 and 2 sometimes, as they do look extremely dated, as both weren't that great looking even by PS1 standards...but fun as hell...