The Winner of the Big Three E3 Conferences | writes: "Well E3 is not quite over with yet as there are two days left to go, but with the big three done with each of the respective press conferences we here at declare who we think won E3. So with no more delay let’s get right into it shall we."

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Smokeyy902869d ago

Really its a toss up between Sony and Nintendo.

-Alpha2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

In terms of a show: Nintendo. Everyone was most surprised with them, we expected a lot less but they delivered a lot more. To the point, short and sweet, didn't drag on for too long. It was a good show.

Sony's was awesome, the ending was tight, but it dragged on at some parts that didn't matter to me personally. That's in terms of a show.

In terms of what E3 means in contexts: Both Nintendo and Sony.

The purpose IMO is to have the media/viewers walk out with confidence in the product's future and both Sony and Nintendo did that.

I don't care about crowning clear-cut winners. I just wanted to go in as a gamer who could speculate the future of the products and walk out knowing the industry had a bright future. Sony has a promising future. Nintendo has a promising future. Both for different reasons and in contexts of in the company itself.

PoSTedUP2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

well said alpha male22.

i thought sonys was more entertaining imo. kevin butler, (the twistedmetal intro brought chills of excitment down my spine. (as so did the new DK game). i give a lot of credit to nintendo but if you look at it this way: what if nintendo announced ZELDA and a few other b4 E3 just like sony? then it would all come down to how much was delivered for the gamer, and then i would say it goes to sony. but they all did their thing nontheless, i give em all credit. but yeah your logic is correct, nintendo suprised us the most because they stayed quite up untill E3.

Palodios2869d ago

Goldeneye is going to be huge. But I agree with the article, Nintendo lost major points by screwing up the Zelda presentation. I also think its about time they retire some of these franchises and make something new. Their last new series-- Animal Crossing/Pikmin-- came out in 2001. Nintendo, you're talented enough, so stop rehashing please.

Shadow Flare2869d ago

I do think Nintendo put on a really good show, probably their best this generation. Im glad they steered away from the casual games a bit more. The main problem i had with nintendo's conference was that personally it didn't excite me. Why? I never had a nintendo console as a kid so i have no nostalgia to be excited about concerning nintendo. Kirby, donkey kong, zelda, star fox...they mean nothing to me, i just can't get excited about it. Sorry. I know it gets alot of others excited but thats because of their nostalgia. But it meant nothing to me. Thats why for me Sony wins. Though i wish they had shown some more titles like Starhawk and The Last Guardian...and Uncharted 3

TheDeadMetalhead2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Way say it, when I can show it?

FungLip2869d ago

I feel sleepy every time I hear Jack Tretton's monotone. Sony's conference would rock if he talked less.

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Nitrowolf22869d ago

yeah me owning Nintendo system for along time there show was extremly good
both Nintendo and Sony did an awesome job this E3

niceguywii602869d ago ShowReplies(2)
BannedForNineYears2869d ago

It's a shame the Wii motion plus was acting up during the Zelda demo. =(

Definitely between Nintendo and Sony.
I felt Sony started verrrrrry slow and ending with announcement after announcement.
Nintendo started with quite a few announcements and turned anti-climactic.
Sony showed footage of my most anticipated games, and announced Twisted Metal (Oh mah gawwwwwwd).
And then Kevin Butler appeared which was awesomeeeeeeeee.

FACTUAL evidence2869d ago

But i think Nintendo went in on this E3. I liked how they presented themselves, and gave gamers what we actually WANTED! I can't say the same for Sony and MS IMHO. BTW, did you guys hear when PSN+ was announced? He stated no features at all...Just stuff you can get for free......Not trying to start anything but I'd rather pay for XBL again.

Ahmay2869d ago

it was honest... but seeing that you only have one bubble must mean u are anti-playstation...

AKS2869d ago

I have to agree that it was very close between Sony and Nintendo. I was personally most impressed by Sony's conference, but I think Nintendo really needed a strong conference after some truly dismal showings, especially the infamous Wii Music debacle. So I can't help but feel excited for them. I think Nintendo reignited the fire for their hardcore fans. Congratulations to them on having such a great comeback showing. So I could see people leaning either way between those two. Microsoft? Well, it started off OK...

cmrbe2869d ago

I knew it was going to suck as any sane person would know but i didn't know it would suck ass so much.

For the audiance having to ware white and then the scripted demo. It was just so freaking hilarious. All the while their presenters faking excitement while everyone is the audiance were just facepalming. It was pretty ugly.

Contrast this to Sony and Kevin, its like night and day.

Natal. The saviour for MS is a complete joke. MS is a joke. MS fans defending Natal and MS conference are jokes.

Its funny no one is talking about Natal or Kinetic or whatever anyone because they know its an embarrasement.

Shadow Flare2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

i just finished watching microsoft's conference and the start was ok actually but all the parts with natal were just awful. The kid pretending the tiger was licking her.....the "twin" sisters talking to each other....the mountains of pre-recorded footage...THE LAG!! Seriously the lag! When they show that fitness game, there was a part were the woman was stretching left and right and left, and everytime she went one way, the avatar on the screen was in the opposite direction! The lag was TERRIBLE! And that fitness game was the ONLY demonstration i could see that was real time. The rest were so fake it was completely embarressing.

Kinetc is going to flop HARD. Because it DOESN'T WORK.

FungLip2869d ago

The Asian girl was SO CUTE... until she started pretending she's being licked by the a-little-too-happy tiger.

Imperator2869d ago

Sony and Nintendo tied imo. The only definite thing is that MS failed hard.

Sarcasm2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Nintendo is my personal winner. But then again I'm an N64 kid. I've been waiting for a true Zelda game. But to add icing to the cake, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby Yarn Thing (which looked amazing!), a new Goldeneye, and lastly the unveiling of the 3DS which hits ALL the right notes. Better graphics, 3D technology, videos, most likely music support, an analog nub, the new wi-fi technology, and so much more!

Second comes a close Sony. Although they didn't show Agent, or The Last Guardian, they still came through with Killzone 3, PS Move, LBP2, Motorstorm: Apocalypse (amazing), Infamous 2, Portal 2, Twisted Metal and of course the biggest one GT5's release date!

Microsoft on the other hand, had nothing that really interests me except Gears of War 3. Halo Reach is just more Halo, Fable 3 is just another promise by Peter Molyneux that it will transport us to another dimension, and Kinect is way too gimmicky.

Although I'm still interested in the new Xbox though, that's probably the BIGGEST highligh for the 360 is the improved hardware and value. But all it did was just try to be a PS3-phat with no blu-ray player. I might end up getting one anything though LOL.

ABizzel12869d ago

Both Sony and Nintendo had great conferences, but I would give it to Sony simply because the expectations for the Wii were so low, because they haven't given us anything worth mention at an E3 in the last 2 years.

Nintendo did a brilliant job this time, but Sony has consistently done amazing each and every year, if Nintendo manages to pull through with another E3 like this for 2011 then They just might take the show.

dlp212869d ago

No way, past performance can not influence the way you rank the conferences. Well ok, for you it can, but that is akin to saying well even though the Phillies won the World Series we are still going to give it to the Yankees because they perform year to year.

I didn't get to watch the Nintendo event because I only had my 3g connection available, so I watched a liveblog of it. And all I can say is every time I checked the update I wished more and more I could actually be watching it.

Nintendo gave it to us this E3, it was hit after hit. Now I will say that Sony's showcase was awesome...super excited myself. But I'd have to say my biggest letdown also came from PSP2.

Nintendo gave us the 3DS w/MGS, and Kid Icarus, a new Goldeneye, a new Zelda, a new DK ala the 2D version from SNES.

Nintendo with a close second by Sony and a DNF for MS.

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HopSkotch2869d ago

Couldn't agree more...Nintendo wowed me with all the updated classics and the Mickey Mouse Game...Can we say DONKEY KONG COUNTRY? Rayman was stunning too...and Sony of course was my personal winner because of the genre of games i play. Twisted Metal is gonna kick ass, Medal of Honor excites me to get away from playing Call of Duty, and KZ3??? Nuff said.

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sombrero2869d ago

Nintendo had the better conference, but Sony has the brighter future imo. I liked that Nintendo just showed exclusive after exclusive , but I kinda got the feeling that they're just taking super mario brothers wii and reskinning it with all their IPs (like the new DK and Kirby).

And honestly, when are we going to see a new IP from Nintendo?

secretsea2869d ago

Fling Smash
The Last Story

Smokeyy902869d ago

Both Nintendo and Sony had great conferences. But Nintendo had that embarrassing moment with the Zelda demo, which was painful to watch. I wish they would have just shown the trailer and I would have been a happy man!

Dance2869d ago

nintendo overshadowed both microsoft and sony conference

X-Alchemist2869d ago

at least some people see it :/