Investors look for the "Holy Grail" of casual gaming

Casual games are big business: this point was driven home at the Casual Games Association conference that took place last week in Seattle. Paul Heydon, managing director of London-based investment bank Avista Partners, gave a talk that tried to nail down just how much money was in play in the world of M&A. His talk also served as an interesting window into where the guys with deep pockets think the future of gaming is headed.

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Covenant4160d ago

Invest in Nintendo. They seem to have it down pat.

Look at who buys the Wii and the DS, versus who buys the 360, PSP, and PS3. Families, casual gamers, and older gamers (who, BTW, make up nearly 20% of all gamers) have flocked to Nintendo's products. The 360, PS3, and PSP have all skewed towards a more hardcore crowd of teens and young adults.

Need proof? Look at how hard MS and Sony are now working to capture the casual crowd: Beautiful Katamari. LittleBigPlanet. Viva Pinata. Home. Just to name a few.