Ultima creator condemns stagnant modern MMO titles

Richard Garriot, the executive producer of NCsoft and creator of the Massively Multiplayer (and massively popular) Ultima Online, has criticised the genre for becoming stagnant, claiming that MMO design has adopted elements akin to "whack-a-mole" games and data management in favour of innovative design.

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PS360WII4159d ago

I have no problems with level grinding with a group of pals in a strange area with mobs that can easily kill you if you were alone. I don't really care about this Fable genre that is trying to kill off the old and true ways of RPGs. What ever happened to the 'if it aint broke' saying because one still needs to level in a rpg what's the point of not having any levels in a rpg and just go with what is done for your personal choice... I don't know I'd rather go with level grinding and story then just story

the_round_peg4159d ago

because that's what he was really good at a decade ago. (And he really hasn't released a game in a decade.)

m4tt4159d ago

9 million people like level grinding.... Its amazing that all of these companys spend all this cash on developing these mmo's when everyone knows that the next big mmo is being developed by Blizzard. Give it up already, merge with EA and help them learn how to make a game with next gen graphics. That would really help the gaming community! These investors are crazy that are funding all of these projects. It seems like mmo's are sprouting up all over the place these days.