3DS Repeats One of the PSP's Major Mistakes

Mere minutes ago, Nintendo announced their latest handheld gaming device; The 3DS. It bolsters better graphics, 3D viewing without the need for glasses, the ability to take 3D digital pictures, a control stick (analog stick), wide support from developers, and more. However, it makes a major mistake that Sony made with their PlayStation Portable.

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tunaks12712d ago

theres no need for a second analog, there F'in touchscreen

qface642712d ago

they ADDED a analog stick which the DS never had so adding something csn't really be called a mistake right

i mean id rather take 1 analog stick over none at all like previous DS's

MAiKU2712d ago

so would it be a mistake if there was no analog stick at all? hahaha

HolyOrangeCows2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I'm still excited for the 3DS, but I think they made a mistake by putting the D+pad and analog stick on the same side.

That's not the point. The analog stick should be on the other side.

The Great Melon2712d ago

Actually the analog on the left makes more sense in this case. That will likely become the primary form of movement now, not the dpad. Look at its position.

Otheros002712d ago

They should totally add another analogue stick. The psp proves that 2 analogue stick is needed for certain games.

Baka-akaB2712d ago

?? the psp didnt have touch screen , nor the upcoming gyro features .

Did you guys even bother playing a DS ? Metroid didnt need extra analogs

etownone2712d ago

Metriod was horrible on the DS cause of the controls.
bad example.

Maybe now with the extra analog I might go back and try it again if I decide to get the 3DS

MegaPowa2712d ago

Well thats based on your opinion many other people enjoyed the controls which is most likely one of the reasons nintendo choose this type of set up with the 3ds

SpoonyRedMage2712d ago

Gyro and Stylus compensate for that input, it's not needed.

etownone2712d ago

Exactly, I think that's why the analog stick is on the upper left side.

But still... The could have easily added another anolog.

goodfellas272712d ago

You don't need a extra analog stick! you got the stylus!

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The story is too old to be commented.