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Donkey Kong Return: Amazing E3 Footage

Nintendo revealed Donkey Kong Country Returns and Videogameszone published a lot of images of the game. (Donkey Kong , Wii)

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enkeixpress  +   1906d ago
DONKEY KONG!! What a legendary series. :D
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blumatt  +   1906d ago
I played the shit out of Donkey Kong on the SNES back in the day. I might get a Wii just for this and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
krouse93  +   1906d ago
This is the game that has me the most excited as Donkey Kong was probably the most remembered game of my young childhood and this looks like we are finally about to get a great next gen sequel. I'm glad Nintendo has finally listened to the hardcore audience.
zootang  +   1906d ago
I hate to admit it but i loved the look of Kirby too. I now regret selling my Wii and i think I'll HAVE to get another
callahan09  +   1906d ago
Looks beautiful, epic, and tons of fun. Day one! I love Retro Studios!
Ult iMate  +   1906d ago
Retro Studios are the new Rare for Nintendo. Very talented developers. Can't wait for new DK - it's so old school yet with a touch of new technologies!
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morkendo  +   1906d ago
wow!!! i was blown away seeing donkey kong country again. it would been AWESOME if nintendo announce a contra disc. game.
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Dante112  +   1906d ago
Greenburg: No worries, Ninetindo can't do any better our conference.

Nintendo: And we will now like to announce...Kirby!

Greenburg: Meh, that's just one.

Nintendo: Donkey Kong for Wii

Greenburg: *nods*

Nintendo: KH, MGS franchises.

Greenburg: O_O

Nintendo: And finally....Golden Eye and 3DS

*Rick James voice* B****es!

*line of models with 3DS demostrate the 3D features to the audience*

Greenburg: :O ..... -_-.... *slumps away*
Lionhead  +   1906d ago
Nintendo freakin owned

Great 1st Party Lineup

Epic Mickey and Goldeneye were very nice as well.
GiggMan  +   1906d ago
I don't care who you are and who you pull for, I'm sure no one saw this coming.
kesvalk  +   1906d ago
no one saw DK nor Kirby coming...

no one saw kid icarus on 3ds either...
Marceles  +   1906d ago
Exactly, the classic DK Country gameplay is back. I'm glad they dropped the N64 formula and went back to the classic gameplay. DKC was fun as hell in co-op too so I can't wait.
Sony Fiend  +   1906d ago
Nintendo kiled it this year. And I'm arguably the biggest Sony fanboy on N4G, perhaps even of the entire interwebz.

But Nintendo killed it.
TheCagyDies  +   1906d ago
rhood022  +   1906d ago
Regardless of what Sony shows, the game media will declare Ninetendo the "winner" of E3 based on the power of nostalgia alone.
krouse93  +   1906d ago
They announce a large group of games like Syphon Filter or Twisted Metal or a Final Fantasy VII remake or the Final Fantasy VERSUS game we have been promised forever.
blumatt  +   1906d ago
Man I hope Versus 13 gets announced and re-affirmed to be PS3 exclusive.
zoks310  +   1906d ago
Nintendo did good with this throwback...
I use to eat this game up...
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bobrea  +   1906d ago
Donkey Kong kicks ass but ENOUGH WITH HYPERBOLE. THIS ISNT AMAZING FOOTAGE. Just say "New Donkey Kong Footage" Oh and kick your own ass for being a shitty game journalist.
eagle21  +   1906d ago
DK is back, from Retro Studio's at that!!!! :)
sinclaircrown  +   1906d ago
MS and Sony need to learn from Ninty.
Nintendo is becoming the Apple of gaming. They're a little behind in terms of the power their consoles have, but innovation is making them filthy rich again.

I'm not saying MS and Sony don't innovate, but what they need to do is keep some major surprises for this type of event.

I feel like MS and Sony showed pretty much everything before E3 therefor the hype kinda dies down.

Apple and Ninty to join up and make the next gen king. Although, Apple pricing on a nintendo product may not go down so well. Still, nice to dream...
PS360PCROCKS  +   1906d ago
YES!! N64 is getting more games?!? "What's that you say? it's a Wii game? Oh...that's right it's practically the same hardware"

I kid I kid, I know that will piss all you Nintendo fans off but it's ONLYYYYYYY A JOKE! Looks awesome, I'm glad they're bringing back this legendary series. :)
DRiX  +   1906d ago
Well I can finally say that I'm back to Nintendo with this announcement. It's been a while since I've seen a real DK in action. This really made my day :)
shysun  +   1906d ago
Now, not a knock against Nentendo but this is the only game that got me hyped! It took me back, I'll tell my wife I'm buying it for the kids.....but we all know who it's for! ;)
chiwoo  +   1906d ago
i wanted to cry when i saw this trailer bring back childhood memorys i loved the 3 Donkey kong games for thee SNES this games really stole the show at Nintendo e3

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