Ubisoft closing rights to "Heroes" videogame

Sources [also] said that Ubisoft is finishing a deal with NBC Universal to produce a "Heroes" videogame.

It's likely the two companies will reveal their plans for a "Heroes" game at Comic-Con this week.

Though few TV shows have been successfully translated into videogames, "Heroes" is a natural given its super-powered characters and heavy interest amongst gamers.

Reps for Ubisoft and NBC U declined to comment.

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Dr Pepper4131d ago

If movie based videogames are bad, imagine how a TV show based game will be...

The Real Joker4131d ago

The show is excellent so they have the opportunity to make a quality expierience. They might f*ck up and make a good game. Who knows.

Kratos_Kart20074131d ago

This show looks amazing...but I never watch it.....

Its right up my Geek alley....

Any thoughts on the show guys....

I'm probably gonna download on Torrents......

Is it that good?

The Real Joker4131d ago

I gave it a chance when the second episode aired and I was hooked. Trust me. Its good.

Dr Pepper4131d ago

Yeah, it is a good show. Surprised me actually.

Daewoodrow4131d ago

I'd reccommend it, the last half in particular, really edge of the seat. I have to say though, final episode disappointed me.

boi4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

it is a great show gets you to the edge of the cliff lol know what i mean but if they turn it into a game...well i say a no no but then lets see if they can surprise me (please don't let the game takes its legacy and trash it *fingers X*)

and damn Sylar is a badboy

Now patiently waiting for the next chapter...

Bloodmask4131d ago

but movie or even TV licensed games are usually crap. I know UBI is trying to become number one 3rd party publisher. But there has to be a better way.

Don't turn into EA Ubisoft.

BIadestarX4131d ago

I am waiting for the 1st season to come out on DVDs.... I hate watching it on TV... comercials... 480p... dark.... and waiting a week for next episode to know what happen next... forget that netflix all the way baby! I am a patience guy... I can wait for it to come to dvd... Heroes and Prison break!

omansteveo4131d ago

Comes out on DVD and HD-DVD next month i heard

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