Peter Moore: 3DS 'may invigorate handheld gaming again'

Talking to GamerZines at EA Sports' Vancouver offices last month, Peter Moore said that he thinks Nintendo's 3DS "may invigorate handheld gaming again", confirming that the studio plans to develop titles for it.

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theonlylolking2811d ago

like handheld gaming lost its spark. Has he seen the sales for pokemon and the DS??????

hoops2811d ago

Handheld gaming is exploding and this 3DS will make it go kaboom

Marceles2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I love Sony but man...with the Nintendo 3DS coming out I hope they plan to do something with the PSP, at least here in the US. With the new great devs making 3DS games now it seems like they're really trying to take over. MGS and Resident Evil coming, I liked when the crowd laughed when they announced Saints Row lol.

Fishy Fingers2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Yeah the current DS has really been struggling :/

I see more people handheld gaming now than I ever have before, whether that's DS/PSP/Mobile, it seems more popular now than ever.

HighDefinition2811d ago

A long time ago, I thought I would never see the day when handhelds would be more popular than home consoles.

Brewski0072811d ago

Having fishy fingers would also probably invigorate handheld gaming :P . . . . (sorry i couldnt resist)

@HD I dont think they're more popular but I definately think thanks to the improvement made in the casual gamer market they're at a very strong position in the market now. Its exciting to see.

Imperator2811d ago

Yep, if the tech works I'm sure the 3DS will sell another 100 million+

Heck, if they had a price and release date I would have gone out and pre-ordered it right now.

jonboi242811d ago

Handheld came back when the DS was released and since then has not died. Look at Japan's love for handhelds and the worlds obsession with anything iPod/iTouch related.

solidt122811d ago

i think what he means is sells for DS and PSP has slowed. The 3ds will boost sells back to record highs again, and the rumor is there's a new PSP too so yeah. Hand helds will see a boost.

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