New Kingdom Hearts 3D on Nintendo 3DS

The Kingdom Hearts franchise will be back on Nintendo 3DS !

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N4GAddict2653d ago

I wonder who will be the main character in this?

fatstarr2653d ago

No clue but this must be the game they were talking about in the interviews

We have Kh coded ds? and now Kh3Ds
I know it will look good though.

kesvalk2653d ago

it will be sora and riku by the looks of it, at least the screenshots hint on them...

Natsu892653d ago

What i'm asking myself all the time is, if this game is KH III or just KH "3D" (in the end just a spinoff)

Myze2653d ago

I'm kind of hoping this is just another spinoff. While the game will probably be good, I really hope they continue the series on the consoles (ps3 specifically). The 3DS graphics look a little better than the PSP, but they aren't much better than the ps2 (about the same, but with 3D). I would really like to see an upgrade to the game if they are going to release the 3rd one.

That being said, if I end up buying a 3DS (still not sure yet), this will be one of the main games I buy for it.

EpsilonTeam2653d ago

Get ready for at least 5 new 3ds models down the road sigh!