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Christopher2898d ago

And won over my heart in an instant.

GrieverSoul2898d ago

It actually gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.
This game as a good vibe in it.

kesvalk2898d ago

this year, nintendo e3 was good, very good...

onslaught of games...

knightdarkbox2898d ago

nintendo fans want a *high quality*, mythology insipired Fantasy action game, with awesome flying through the skies on the Wii just as I did on the GC. *sigh*

tdrules2898d ago

hey guys give this dude a break, he clearly knows what hes talking about when he labels fail games :|

Anon73492898d ago

Lost Odyssey is one of the greatest JRPGs this gen, and a hell of a lot better than FF13.

Whether it's on a crappy console or not.

LeShin2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Today, Nintendo made my childhood comeback! In return, I am going to buy my first Nintendo console for many years, the 3DS!!! Also seriously considering getting a Wii now!!!

They showed variety, which to me, is very important. If I see yet ANOTHER First Person Shooter, I'm going to shoot the first person I see lol.

Well done Ninty!

MGRogue20172898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Nintendo's conference sucked dude.. I nearly fell asleep watching it. The annoucement of the 3DS kept me awake just as I about to drop to sleep lol

Y0UNGmodern2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

but I cannot disagree with you more. I was pleasently surprised and I am very excited about what Nintendo showed. Very well done conference leaving me very excited! I have to say not having Cammy Dunway (however her names spelt) not there really improved the presentation. Lots of games announced which is what everyone really cares about, and they all for the most part look very fun! 3DS looks impressive, Kid Icarus looks very cool.

Raf1k12898d ago

It was really good and the games they showed were excellent. I was really surprised at just how good Epic Mickey looks.

One problem I had though was with the more powerful graphics for the 3DS. I wonder if games making use of that will be playable on other DS systems and whether the 3D games will also be playable on other DS systems.

washingmachine2898d ago

it looks so rough,they must be using the same ds graphics with no upgrade,owell,least ill have saved money on not buyn old tech with 3d screen lol

MegaPowa2898d ago

Have you ever seen ds graphics?

tdrules2898d ago


something that is meant to be played on a 3.5inch screen would look rough blown up like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.