Metal Gear Solid franchise hits Nintendo 3DS

GamerZines writes:

As Satoru Iwata took to the stage to present the new Nintendo 3DS handheld during their conference, there was perhaps one surprise in store for fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

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FarEastOrient2868d ago

I'm getting a 3DS now after the announcement of MGS and several others myself.

I'm actually happy with this show, Microsoft that is how you show new hardware!

qface642868d ago

if they actually showed trailers to the MGS game the RE game and those 3ds games people would go nuts

N4G king2868d ago

i have a feeling it'll be just like that MGS on the iphone/ipod

ps360owner092868d ago

Kojima has too much respect for Nintendo and Miyamoto to put a lackluster effort like MGS on the iphone was on the 3ds.

Arksine2868d ago

The MGS game is a remake of Snake Eater.

DaThreats2868d ago

Kojima is that excited for 3D, then you know he must want to make a PS3 game in 3d ;D

jonboi242868d ago

Problem is unlike the 3DS the PS3's 3d gaming isn't as accessible as 3DS. No glasses need and expensive tv needed. I can't afford a 3d tv but I more than likely can afford a 3DS if I save up for a year.

N4g_null2868d ago

On top of all of that you will take a raster buffer hit. This is not acceptable to most devs. There are ways around it you could just use the split screen tech and offset the other render, yet you would still limit your entire game.

Metal gear is back and the 3ds does rock, I really hope they get these things out to game stop all over.

It's the wii all over again...

DaThreats2868d ago

I assume your still in high school?
Of course you could still play the game in regular HD. The game will only sacrifice power, if it's set on 3D, so scissor, it won't totally ruine any engine, if the game is made with 3d later on, and not with the game already made, then they put 3D, then they will sacrifice some performance. Like Killzone 3, they made it with 3d in mind, in so, barely any sacrifices had to be made.

PoSTedUP2868d ago

i can afford a 3Dtv if i saved up for 6 months, the cheapest 40" 3dtv i found is $1,400$.

i think they will both be cool. but i look at it this way. next gen 1080p graphics on a nice 40" tv, compared to a handheld. totally different. i am looking foward to sonys experience more, but i will definatly get a 3DS because it sounds amazing.

jonboi242867d ago

...but still you need the glasses and the people watching need glasses. any if your not sitting in the middle of the tv you won't get the full effect. I say wait till technology furthers and true 3d tv are released.

hoops2868d ago

3DS is going to kick ass. 3D 3D no glasses. Games in 3d no glasses? EPIC WIN.
That alone made E3

solidt122868d ago

Yeah its a day one for me. I am a big Metal Gear fan.


So wait, is that what Kojima's third e3 game is gona be, MGS for 3DS?

Caffo012868d ago

really hope it isn't the third game..wanted to see that at Sony's conference :/

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The story is too old to be commented.