Nintendo 3DS has Amazing Support

Nintendo just announced some of the third party support for 3DS

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-Alpha2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

They said MGS, Saints Row, Level-5, man Nintendo did such a great job I couldn't ask for anything more.

No one came in expecting Nintendo and Nintendo (so far) rocked it (over MS). You cannot say Nintendo doesn't "count" when the fact of the matter is that they have hardcore appealing games, now more than ever.

I'm so proud of them.

Sandwich Bender2957d ago

Saint's Row will be AWESOME

Rumor2957d ago

NINTENDO raped the sorry but sony better impress. I think ima new nintendo fanboy lulz.

Munders122957d ago

Amazing...that changed everything!
Hope Sony's is just as much fun! :)

blitz06232957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

This looks like a day 1 for me. Those are INSANE launch titles! Wasn't kingdom hearts mentioned too? And resident evil? Assassin's creed? Ninja gaiden? And the handheld looks powerful too. Yup, looking like a day 1 for me.

Edit: my apologies. I thought they were launch titles. Still, I'm willing to wait till majority of those have released. Nintendo dominated MS. I expect Sony to be even better

oldjadedgamer2957d ago

Its a day 1 buy, but only if they have the titles ready to go. Otherwise I'm willing to wait until the games are out.

TheDeadMetalhead2957d ago

Resident Evil on 3DS...

This pleases me.

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Aphe2957d ago

Can't agree more, that was an amazing show.

Downtown boogey2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

The 3DS apparently sucks.
Yeah, I saw two men get sucked inside it!

PLAYstar2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I'm looking forward to see 3DS.. It's probably the only thing that appeal me thus far in this E3.

Come on Sony you are us gamers this year last hope! Make it the biggest ever!

candystop2957d ago

Yeah I can't believe it myself. Way to go Nintendo and I can't wait to get my hands on a 3ds.

Krugsy2957d ago

Yup totally agree with you there. 3DS on its own was an impressive piece of kit, but with all that amazing studio support, its become a must buy for me.

solidjun52957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I just didn't think it would go beyond my expectation. Kudos to Nintendo! ^_^

15 minutes in and it was already better than MS's far!

I'm going to buy the 3DS. It looks AMAZING!!!

Redempteur2957d ago

zelda alone made it better than MS conf ... AND then metroid other M came ... and then donkey kong ... and and kid icarus ...
my jaw was on the floor and then kojima said he would make a metal gear solid for it ... And and ... woah that was awesome overall

Downtown boogey2957d ago

Reggie so proud about the exclusion of glasses but how about doing that for the Wii before bashing anyone else?

zoks3102957d ago

Yea, their conference was awesome for core gamers but the bit on glasses was not necessary, especially considering the fact that the next Wii will embrace 3D just like the DS did, and most people will be playing it on Sony Bravia T.V's wearing Sony 3D glasses.

Sony was right, 3D is the future, Nintendo just helped Sony sell a few more 3D T.V's today. Sony is invested into 3D across the entire spectrum of the 3D business, so any mention of it will cause Sony to say i told you so.

Redempteur2957d ago

because nintendo can't modify your TV ??

zoks3102957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

If Nintendo can come up with a tech that can turn a regular HD TV into a 3D TV for cheap, then Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and every other display manufacture would have sold us that tech way before Nintendo does, and instead of making new expensive TV's altogether.

You made me laugh with that modifying crap. were you being serious are was that sarcasm?

catguykyou2957d ago

Nintendo has just won IMO. The 3ds by itself is the REAL definitive future of 3D gaming. Seriously F glasses.

boodybandit2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Come on man.
I am not a Nintendo fan "any more" (use to be hardcore complete Nintendo fanboy when I was younger) but without question that was the best E3 showing since Nintendo released the Wii. No way, no how, can you make statements like that without sounding foolish when we have yet to see what this 3D technology is "actually" capable of.

There are tons of different types of 3D technology or were you not actually paying attention to the history of 3D evolution (which is only a glimpse with dates and not the details behind all the actual tech)? What Nintendo is providing vs what the electronic manufacturers are backing with 3D glasses are completely different levels of technology. If high end resolutions were capable of being displayed without glasses the cutting edge hardware designers would have never designed their displays around needing eye wear.

Please don't tell me that you or anyone here thinks Nintendo can advance hardware technology (because we all know just how sophisticated Nintendo hardware has been over the last decade plus) further than actual hardware manufacturers?

They are actually showing it right now and it has a screen like one of those plastic pictures you can purchase that when you look at it all you see is a regular person but when you move off angle of the picture the person now has horns growing out of his head, fangs for teeth and red demon like eyes. Move back to center and it's just a normal looking person again. You adjust it with a dial for effect.

I had a feeling that is exactly what it would be like. I will admit I was initially shocked as well but stepped back and got my bearings. Being a tech head myself I knew this would be the end result.

With that said, Nintendo without question had an amazing E3 press conference and right now are clearly the front runners for best show. Sony really needs to bring it like never before or Nintendo has this on lock down.

Orange2957d ago

Sony and Nintendo can co-exist in my world...I just want Sony to out-shine MS.

HIGGINZOB2957d ago

Jesus Christ. That was amazing and much more well presented then the Microsoft conference. Short and powerful. Brilliant marketing.

na-no-nai2957d ago

Cant wait for the new resident evil. hoping it be scary like the orignal

raztad2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Dont care about any Nintendo game, however MGS is something I can NOT miss out. When it comes out I might very well buy a 3DS to play it.

Curious about 3D on a handheld. I'm guessing its depth inside the screen rather than things popping out.

boodybandit2957d ago

MS went casual
Nintendo went Hardcore
Who would have ever predicted that?

Sony is up next!

Cevapi882957d ago

E3 has been least at the end of the day we can say Nintendo ROCKED IT.....Sony its your turn

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cobraagent2957d ago

There were some girls giving away the 3DSs to the atendees of the show. So, hello ladies... And this was the best conference of this e3 so far(we still have Sony). I just realised that Nintendo has more games than Microsoft...

villevalorox2957d ago

I don't think them 3DSs were going anywhere, lol they were padlocked to the girls.

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

if I was there I would grab one of them and take them home because they had 3DSes strapped onto their wastes.

ElementX2957d ago

I wanted sexy men with 3DSs strapped on.... :(

candystop2957d ago

"I just realised that Nintendo has more games than Microsoft"

That's a damn shame and MS was touting they had many games lol. Now it's Sony's turn and I have a feeling there going all out. MS said they were spreading news throughout the show so hopefully for them they have exclusive news for HARDCORE gamers sheesh!

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Omega42957d ago

Best Nintendo E3 in a long while, wonder who much the 3DS will cost

ATLGAMER2957d ago

imagine the R and D cost...but they may just bite the bullet with all this wii money

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

I wanted to know too because that seemed really cool.

+3D camera in the back should be fun to mess around with your friends.

makeminemarvel2957d ago

Nintendo just fucking smashed it!