Cloud over Xbox 360 hides silver lining

Microsoft's recent US fourth quarter earnings report for its Xbox 360 console and its 61 per cent drop in console shipments prompted media reports of plummeting sales and continued misfortune, however local GfK data paints a different picture.

However, GfK Australia account director, Daniel Morse, believes this conclusion is not justified.

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THAMMER14131d ago

This Holiday 2007 is a big deal and allot of gamer will soon see that the line up is one of the best in history.

achira4131d ago

lol, always this xbots. "the best in history" come on, its more "the worst in history". xbox will die, no doubt.

THAMMER14131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

You are trying to piss me off. But you know what...the facts speak for them self.

You should start reading the articles.


Ya know your 100% correct bro. If yo have both you are in for some real good games. Safe bet with the 360 or PS3 and an even better bet with both. All i'm saying in post #1 is that you have to give it up to M$ for delivering and that is all. I see no need to take shots at Sony right now.

tonsoffun4131d ago

You know, I agree, this holiday season will have amoungst the best line-ups for both the PS3 and the 360.

It is truely a great time to be a gamer - even more so if you are a multiplatfor owner.

M1am1U4131d ago

just to add one more thing...all three consoles have some stellar games coming out by year's end. I think this may be the greatest collection of games ever put together. For those lucky enough to own all three consoles...good luck finding the time and money to collect them all. I agree with you THAMMER1 and's really great to be a gamer right now.

MK_Red4131d ago

I agree with you both. If you are a PS3 & 360 owner, this could be the best year ever for you. PS3 is getting Uncharted, Haze and Heavenly Sword while 360 gets Halo3, Mass Effect and Bioshock.
Both consoles will enjoy Assassin's Creed, GTA4 and more. I cant believe both Rock Band and Guitar Hero3 are also coming. I'm already broke and with them, I'm going to rob a bank.

OutLaw4131d ago

I have all three systems and just the other day I got rid of one of my 360's just to put down payment on games.

I put money on Lair, Blue Dragon , Heavenly Sword and PGR4 just to name a few I will buy this year.

This is going to be one of the best years in gaming.

dantesparda4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

@Jason xg1 - 1 Hour ago

1.7 - Snap! achira you just got pwned
I bet that "pisses" you off

From fanboy (Jason xg1) to fanboy (achira), you "fanboys" are a funny bunch

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D_U_I4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

You buy a new elite with the GREAT??? games and the damn thing breaks down.... No thankyou.

Edit: And thats an excuse for faulty consoles, i dont bloody think so.
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By Robert Hutton - See all my reviews

I bought an Xbox 360 console! Also, like a good mug, I paid for a 3 year extended warranty.

Saly, my machine kept overheating and crashing even though it was placed in front of a fan and a cool window. It was so hot, I couldn't touch the metal pin from the power cable!! So, I bought a Nyko Intercooler. Sadly, my 360 developed the 3 rings of death after 4 weeks. I tried to unplug the cables, but the 360 had become so ridiculously hot, that the intercooler had melted and stuck itself to the 360!!!

So, I called Microsoft's customer support. They informed me that the 360 was void of the warranty and they refused to repair it as I'd used a third party item.

I'd only bought the said intercooler due to the 360's inherant fault and the fact I wanted to preserve my system!!!

Even better, was the fact they wouldn't refund my void extended warranty cost of £59.99 that didn't kick in until 11 months time. So, I'd infact wasted just shy of £340.00!

I must say, I wish Microsoft all the bad luck in the World! Cheers Bill, you monopolising scumbag! You've had 2 YEARS(!!) to sort this overheating issue out and you stil haven't bothered!!


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THIS IS A REVIEW OFF AMAZON, Just one of the thousands of people with faulty consoles.

sticky doja4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

at least you know its covered for three years with no cost to you.

Also I haven't heard of any problems with the Elite? I could be misinformed.

Edit: should tell whoever wrote this review that they need to contact NYKO. They will replace the Intercooler and the power cord for free. No questions asked, they even pay for you to ship the cooler and power chord to the 2nd day air.

OutLaw4131d ago

I have the Elite no problem here. But my original 360 did get the rings.

Skizelli4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

It's still odd how it only happens to certain people. I've had mine for 8 months with no problems at all *knocks on wood*, even playing it in the hot summer heat (no A/C). I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I've played it just about every day since. I have friends on my friends list that seem to leave theirs on 24/7 and they haven't complained of any problems.

Any way you look at it, this is just Microsoft for you. Their QA blows. But I'm going to enjoy my 360 until the end regardless. It's not like it's the first console with a defect.

felidae4131d ago

achira ... what is it with you dude?

yeah of course .. the 360 will die. do you live in phantasy-land?

i think the ps3 has the better games coming out but that doesn´t mean that the 360 is gonna die - that´s just dumb.

the 360 will be there for gamers that like racing games and shooters.

get a life man!

Daz4131d ago

He cant get a life because is f*cked it up all ready.

razer4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

have to comment on every 360 article you fat f*cking turd!

Go play your PS3 or whatever and get the hell out of the 360 articles. For someone who hates it so much you sure are obesessed with posting in every damn 360 article..

Get some mental help you stupid loser...

( trying a new approach of just yelling at people now =) )

N4GayFanturds4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Someone pointed this out to the idiots that's been bashing xbox sales.

"Software has always been a driver for hardware, so to compare to that period is a little misleading."

Everyone already knows that summer time is the 'lows' for the gaming industry - it's even been reported as such. And there has been almost no good releases for 360 this summer so far (Two Worlds and BioShock are due at the middle to end of next month).

BLACKJACK VII4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

How about *one* article on SONY's recent US fourth quarter earnings please ??? These 2 articles took 2.5 seconds to find on Bloomberg.

July 24 2007: "The average of four analysts forecasts the game division to lose 28.2 billion yen, compared with a 26.8 billion yen loss a year earlier."

Simple Statistics 101. You can spin industry numbers anyway you want. Let's compare the Sony Gaming Division's Fiscal '07 to Microsoft's in January to see what REAL numbers mean.

tonsoffun4131d ago

Dude, the first link is from May -

besides, why don't you do it yourself?

ReBurn4131d ago

Then submit them as tips. No sense complaining about it here.

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