No 3DS Price/Release Date

[email protected] - "We've just been liveblogging the Nintendo event, and while the 3DS looks amazing, bad news..."

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kidnplay2812d ago

Shame, we need more details really before peeps lose interest

Pennywise2812d ago

I'm betting $250+ out by holidays.

catguykyou2812d ago

I'm hoping for 199.99 and out around holidays but you are prob right. It will prob be priced at 249.99 and come out around fall of next year. :(

TheIneffableBob2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I say $170, out in mid-2011.

jonboi242812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Completely agree with the price but I don't see the system releasing that soon. I think it'll be at least late winter or early spring. Especially since they didn't announce a date and you can pretty much expect them not to have a conference at Gamescon or Tokyo Game Show as usual so don't expect a date announced anytime soon. With new dev tools I think it'll take the devs a while to fix out kinks and learn about the system. Hopefully they come out wit more than one color. I want an all black one or black and cobalt blue like my DS.

WhittO2812d ago

Doubt it will be out by the end of this year or they would have said, it went with the theme of "Out later this year".

MS conference is REALLY showing to be awful compared to the buzz around Nintendo and Sony

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andthensum2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

BUT... I can't help but feel the XBOX fanboys are jumping on the Nintendo wagon just to have something against Sony. Butt hurt little kids. They already announced to themselves that Nintendo won just because they are hurt that Microsoft had a very poor showing and that Sony has a thunderstorm of announcements on the way.

O well, that's how the Xbox fanboys are. If their console is in a bad position, hop on the nintendo bandwagon and continuously hate on Sony. The Xbox fans on this site are literally worse than any other site I've been to. Little kids, get a life.

hoops2812d ago

Xbox fanboys jumping on Nintendo's bandwagon? LOL
Yu sound like Glenn Beck...
No fanboys REGARDLESS stick to their product of choice regardless. A Sony fanboy would never jump on the Xbox or Nintendo bandwagon if "their" and i use their to signify that they beleive they own the company, console company had a piss poor show. They just ignore it and say the opposite.

Marceles2812d ago

I don't want to draw up any conclusions, but I think people from every party have to give Nintendo props regardless. With the low expectations we have every year for Nintendo's conferences, they were absolutely amazing this year compared to the past.

smash-brother-102812d ago


check that out, that has blew my mind even more

star fox 64 3D is on the list !!

DoomeDx2812d ago

Blue & Red edges on the image?

lmao 3DS doesnt have that.

N73602812d ago

Tokyo Game Show is all I'm saying.

Allowen2812d ago

Microsoft is waiting to see what price will cost MOVE and Nintendo is waiting to put a price on their 3DS after they see if SOny will show their PSP2 or not .

Just Wow to SOny !!
YOu made the competition to stay stunned , at least for a while : )

qface642812d ago

i take it your a sony fanboy just from reading that comment
if sony doesn't unveil a price im betting you act like you never posted this

qface642811d ago

so what happened no psp2 obviously they are still scared right?

DaThreats2812d ago

could be waiting if PSP 2 gets announced and what features it has

The Great Melon2812d ago

I really want to see what Sony has up there sleeves for the PSP2. Will they try to maintain graphical dominance? From what I read, the new screen on the DS is a lot better DS beyond being bigger.

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