Kid Icarus for Nintendo 3DS First Gameplay Vids

The first gameplay was revealed for Kid Icarus Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS at the Nintendo E3 Press Conference today in Los Angeles.

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Dorfdad2956d ago

Glad hes back, but here is the BIG disappointment.. Looks like the 3DS hasn't improved the graphics no where in the specs does it mention grpahics capabilites besides 3D.. WHY THE HELL NOT NINTENDO BOOOOOOOHHHH SUDO 3D does not replace good graphics shame on you trying to milk us more. I think I will skip this rape.

N4g_null2956d ago

You have not seen snake eater yet have you? Man they must have had the dev kits out for a while not wonder kojima has been so quite.

It is close to wii levels actualy really close plus this is first gen games. NDAs lifting soon!