First Screens of Donkey Kong Country Returns from Nintendo's E3

GFB: "Donkey Kong Country is probably one of the most remembered titles from the Super Nintendo system and later on the Nintendo 64 (requiring the RAM cart, remember those?). Thanks to the same team that revived the Metroid franchise on the Gamecube, we now have Donkey Kong Country back. Check out the first screens of Retro Studios' Donkey Kong Country Returns."

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vgn242924d ago

It looks just like the original SNES version.... which is a good thing

blizzard_cool2924d ago

me when announced:

smash-brother-102924d ago

yeah, I wasnt believing the rumours before hand, but I was seriously shocked when I heard the music, looks amazing, and this year too!!

Reibooi2924d ago

They did exactly what they should have with it and that is bring it back to it's roots. The game looked incredible and it's still the same old Donkey Kong Country we love. I can't wait to play it.

vhero2924d ago

game of the conference.

m232924d ago

Oh my god, this brings back memories. Nintendo just had an amazing showing, I can't believe it. Game after game, after game. This conference was just pure greatness.

oldjadedgamer2924d ago

Really smart move to keep the gameplay mostly the same as the originals. All of the nintendo fans of the 90s are coming out of the shadows right now.

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