List of 3DS games

Nintendo confirms Metal Gear Solid game, as well as others in press conference.

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Valay2810d ago

Man...The 3DS has a TON of support. Did not see Metal Gear Solid coming.

NeoBasch2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I want to see what Atlus has up their sleeves. Imagine a Persona game in 3D. *jaw drops* Nintendo has single handedly resurrected the gaming industry after Microsoft had nearly destroyed it yesterday.

EDIT: HOLY $hi+! F#ck me. Take a look at these images for a far bigger list of 3DS games.

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Nintendo has done something they haven't done in years: Excite me.

animboo2810d ago

glorious E3 presentation. Really really really excited for the 3DS and its potential. I hope the graphics are good. Didn't see much from their conference.

gameseveryday2810d ago

Metal Gears Solid FTW moment for Nintendo!

Valay2810d ago

I guess that's the mystery Kojima game?

Omega42810d ago

Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts, WOW Nintendo WOW


Homicide2810d ago

Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts? It's official; I need a 3DS.

meetajhu2810d ago

When MGS was announced the entire crowd wow'ed. That shows how awesome that game is same goes to Microsoft E3 when Hideo Kojima came on stage same thing happened. Now its Sony's Turn(my favorite)

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The story is too old to be commented.