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simplyRealistic182687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Sad that Nintendo has had a better conference then Microsoft already, i never played Kid Icarus, but i always wanted to try it because it look interesting, but i won't get a DS so ohh well

@ Sandwich

it's sad in the point that 2 years ago nintendo had the worst conference and microsoft was considered the best conference/tied with sony

Sandwich Bender2687d ago

Is it sad? Or is it GREAT?!

Trollimite2687d ago

but i might wait for the 3ds lite/XL to come out tho.

WhittO2687d ago

it looked surprisingly good!

DevilsJoker2687d ago

I agree, it's like they switched places and audiences.

knightdarkbox2687d ago

pathetic game.

nintendo conference= only kid games and casual shoveware crap.


simplyRealistic182687d ago

those "kiddie" games are going to sell plenty fold because most of the people that own a wii are parents who know and remember those games from childhood,

ATLGAMER2687d ago

to me looked the most interesting....besides the 3ds of course...overall they have did very well

HighDefinition2687d ago

If the PSP2 doesn`t have 2 analog sticks , I`ll 100% be buying one of these eventually.

solidjun52687d ago

15 minutes in, they had a better conference than M$.

Triella2687d ago

MS bribed the press giving away new Xbox slim
Nintendo offered limited playtime with blond models attached to the 3DS

Sony will have to think fast to top that. ^^

solidt122687d ago

Man the 3ds graphics are sweet. I thought that was a Wii game they were showing.

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RedPawn2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Man I knew it, since Sora means sky in Japanese.

This has a Sin & Punishment look to it.

White-Sharingan2687d ago

HOLY CRAP graphics look amazing, almost wii like IMO

simplyRealistic182687d ago

its a made up trailer not actual gameplay, he already said that they just made the trailer for today

hamoor2687d ago

its gameplay what are you talking about?

gynecologistcobra2687d ago

Nintendo has had the best conference so far. All of a sudden, I love them so so much.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Topshelfcheese2687d ago

they would of had to taken a crap on stage and flung it at the audience to be worse than Microsoft's. Personally, I thought EA had the best one so far, beside the awkward Joe Montana segment.

midgard2272687d ago

ms's confrences have sucked for the passed 3 years lol.

they have nothing besides halo and this point in the race they still wont release new games, they keep getting contracts for timed exclusive dlc and announcing a multiplat game as if it were exclusive for them.

50 mill$ for timed gta dlc. that cuda made 2 exclusive good games, wtf is wrong with MS

XXXCouture2687d ago

that 3ds got some epic games, mgs, resident evil, kingdom hearts i could go on

solidt122687d ago

Yeah, Im a hardcore PS3 game lover but I want all of those games that Nintendo Showed today. 3ds Metal Gear and Resi Evil FTW.

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The story is too old to be commented.