Nintendo pulls back the curtain on 3DS handheld; stunning features

Ex: Inside the Nokia Theater at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles, Nintendo brought down the house when they pulled back the curtain on their next anticipated new handheld, formerly the Nintendo 3DS.

Not merely an iteration on current DS hardware, the 3DS is a true successor to the groundbreaking portable gaming device that has sold over 125million units.

Nintendo hastily announced the 3DS back in March, as a preemptive strike against Japanese press outlets intending to leak the news. In their press release, Nintendo promised a true 3D experience without glasses, temporarily dubbing the portable device '3DS.' Since then, Nintendo has kept things quiet, revealing nothing about the specs, the games, or the price.

Nintendo head Reggie Fils-Aime introduced the Nintendo 3DS by making fun of the glasses required to enjoy 3D entertainment before unveiling the actual system on the stage floor.

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WhittO2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I wouldnt say stunning features, PSP has had all of these since launch, except the 3D screen/pics ofcourse, which are wasted on a screen that small anyway.

I just don't see how effective a tiny screen which claims to be in 3D with no glasses can be, but I suppose you have to see it yourself to judge.

Its like when Apple suddenly support something they should have done a LONG time ago and act as though it's brand new technology - like Nintendo here with Wifi lol.. You can download extra Levels!!? :O Outstanding.

Edit: O and it's true, if you don't need glasses to see the 3D screen, why not show it on that gigantic 1? Unless like Triella ses below it's holographic rendering meaning you have to view it on angles/move it around to get 3D effect.

MasterChief36242952d ago

Um... you sure about that?

Two screens

Plus Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, Mario, and several other titles.

Yes. The PSP has certainly had all these since launch.

Redempteur2952d ago

also the top screen of the 3ds is larger than before ... it's now like the psp ... and the psp was suitable for movie playback ....

WhittO2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Movement sensors like tilting aren't exactly 'Stunning Features' though are they.

There aren't that many advantages of having 2 screens in terms of playing videos etc, it will just result in 1 being redundant anyway, except the screen is smaller since there are 2 instead of 1 big 1.

Edit: Lol just saying, most of these features seem like gimmiks, I mean, what are you going to do with the pics taken in 3D? look at them on that small screen and keep them there?

Edit2: I'm not talking about the games either MasterChief3624, because Kid Icarus looked great + MGS!, I'm talking about the device itself, it's not ground breaking, 3D isn't going to effect gameplay.

killyourfm2952d ago

but I think you're delusional man.

Noctis Aftermath2952d ago

The 3DS didn't have a design as sleek as i was expecting, i thought they would make it look more different then it turned out to be because as it looks now it is almost identical to the DS, i was expecting similarities to the DS but not a design which when closed makes it look EXACTLY the same as the DS.

2952d ago
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catguykyou2952d ago

Who isn't going to buy this. I mean really. You can pretty see the money being spit out of this tiny hand held of glory. The thing is just amazing. The graphics look amazing and its in 3d. True 3d without stupid glasses.

Noctis Aftermath2952d ago

In no way am i trying to downplay how good the 3DS will be, to call it "True 3d" is just ignorant.

despair2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

umm from the kid icarus vid, i don't see that amazing graphics thing, it looks between the ps1 and psp in terms of graphics, maybe its just that game, also true 3d without the glasses, on a 3.5 inc screen...riiigghhhtt..wait to see it then i'll believe it.

Great lineup of games but where are the new IPs only nostalgic titles from nintendo, they're good but c'mon. having MGS gets a few points though, thats big.

Perjoss2952d ago

any true gamer would be curious to try this out and see what it can do.

jack_burt0n2952d ago

LOL the xbots are backing nintendo because their beloved tanked.

The 3DS is unimpressive technically but its got a good launch lineup and donkey kong from retro will be great.

Bigpappy2952d ago

I am not into handhelds, but this sounds like really kool tech. I sill am not sold on the whole 3D thing yet though. I suppose when my son forces me to buy one I will get to judge for myself.

darthv722952d ago

i am glad i waited on the xl seeing as i have the dsi. This will be freaking sweet!

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WhittO2952d ago

lol, they should really get interpretors because it can really effect what they are speaking about when your trying to 'decode' what they are saying haha.

Triella2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

But is it really 3D ? If they can't render it on screen at the press conference it means that it's holographic rendering like the Atari Cosmos.
you only get the 3D effect by moving the console... if you prefer it's reversed head tracking.

CDbiggen2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I am going to be first in line for the midnight release.

reluctant_gamer2952d ago

Confirmed: Nintendo just won E3

hoops2952d ago

Yup. Unless SOny comes out with the PSP2 that does the same with more power....

catguykyou2952d ago

Won't have the support that Nintendo is able to provide. Sony has some great 1st party titles but they are all for PS3. Never really does much with the PSP.

solidt122952d ago

Sony has just as much or more 1st 2nd and 3rd party support. Did you forget that.

qface642952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

really? because the psp really says other wise

go ahead and disagree the facts speak for themselves

despair2952d ago


what facts would that be, care to list this source because there are a lot of great games for the psp, and even more lined up to be released.

qface642952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

i never said there weren't great psp
compared to the ds the psp has LESS 1st 2nd and 3rd party support and that is a FACT actually denying that is very foolish

like i said the facts speak for themselves
don't believe me look it up yourself the facts are all there

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claterz2952d ago

Just wait for Sony conference to be over, and then say that again =)

catguykyou2952d ago

Agreed. It's not over till its over but man, you have to admit, things looks pretty nice for Sony after the Microsoft conf but now....They will have to bring their A-game to top what Nintendo just did.

solidt122952d ago

This conference was a game Changer. People will not be talking about Microsoft and Sony, It will be Sony vs Nintendo. Microsoft is out to lunch.

-Alpha2952d ago

They did great but let's wait for Sony.

BYE2952d ago


Are you Michael Pachter?

2952d ago
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Dorfdad2952d ago

LOL it's not a completely new design in fact no where have I found they improved the graphics so 5 years from now shit graphics like we have now.. Come on up the quality Nintendo and Im all yours! Stop raping your fans..

catguykyou2952d ago

The graphics are similar if not the same as what the Wii offers which is similar to a gamecube/xbox original. For a hand-held, that is fantastic. What were you expecting? PS3 quality graphics on a portable?

Dorfdad2952d ago

No I was expecting improved DS quality which I dont see.. Am I missing something?

It looks like they are using the same GPU from DS but in 3D with a faster processor to compensate..

despair2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )


were you watching the same vids as me, that was certainly not GC or Xbox graphics, it was somewhere around or below the psp, sure this is first lineup of games but nothing close to that quality yet.

turnerdc2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It'll be better, hopefully alot better.

jack_burt0n2952d ago


Wii level graphics are you nuts its psp level graphics the wii looks better than psp get real!

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