First 3DS game from Nintendo announced - Kid Icarus

As expected, Nintendo has shared the news about its first game for the 3DS.

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Valay2685d ago

Holy...I NEVER thought this would be for 3DS.

zootang2685d ago

Metal gear solid

3DS! Wow!

Cevapi882685d ago

Snake and Raiden in 3D....the graphics did take a jump when watching the video...i wonder if they can port a bunch of the games from the previous gen and update the games with 3D?

Theoneneo812685d ago

again from a PS3 Fanboy Nintendo May just win E3 this year. and i loved there show

user8586212685d ago

Totally suprised, Nintendo had a really great conference, Microsoft take notes

xHarvey2685d ago

GFX are great for a 3DS title.

Valay2685d ago

I know! Definitely more powerful than DS.

saint_john_paul_ii2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

well, i guess that confirms the nvidia GPU upgrade :) it looks like the graphics are on par with GCN/PSP graphics.

looks great. cant wait to try the 3ds now.

MattyF2685d ago

GCN level graphics. Wow 3DS

Daver2685d ago

Very interesting, the game itself looks very nice but i'm not convinced about nintendo 3ds, i have in mind a cheap 3d effect but ill keep it for myself until i see it.

gameseveryday2685d ago

looks amazing! I cant wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.