First pictures of the 3DS

Here are the first pictures of the 3DS from Nintendo's conference.

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Imperator2932d ago

Indeed. It exceeds my expectations. Looks great.

inveni02932d ago

Yeah, Nintendo is actually having a pretty good show this year (minus the buggy Zelda demo...hopefully it plays better in person). The ability to take your own 3D photos is awesome.

Hideo_Kojima2932d ago

Nintendo rocked this E3.

Much better than Microsoft.

Many good games.

And 3DS seems to have made a great impression to all the developers who got their hands on it even Kojima. Seriously I can't wait for Sony to show what they are doing with 3D.

Jamie Foxx2932d ago

they had about 1000 booth babes with 3ds's for people to play,nintendo have raised the bar...over to you sony

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Hideo_Kojima2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

It takes 3D pictures.
Plays 3D movies.
Plays 3D games.

It is not gimmicky it is actually a really interesting 3D handheld console and all that without glasses.

PRHB HYBRiiD2932d ago

who do i got to kill to get one of these?

Hideo_Kojima2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Some models are going around the conference and they have 3DSes tied to their wastes.

If your there just grab a model and take her home with you.

Pennywise2932d ago

Is it priced? That does sound cool.

Microsoft_Spokesman2932d ago

Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid in 3D!

Alcon Caper2932d ago


Rainstorm812932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

@ 3DS 3rd Party Game Support

MGS, RE, Kid Icarus, KH..............

Microsoft_Spokesman2932d ago

But the thing I don't understand is why only one analog stick?

PLAYstar2932d ago

3DS looks like the future handheld! Nintendo is confidence enough to showcase it, hope to hear some good review about it!

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Godmars2902932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Who just saw the money falling out of it as soon as it was held up?

kaos_fish II2932d ago

Not me - very unimpressed by that.

hoops2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Really? It is light years ahead of other handhelds right now.
Edit below:

It's fully 3D. The slider toggles it off. Pure Genius. Thats what is impressive. Actually no. The fact you dont need GLASSES. Sony's setup yo need glasses. PC you need glasses. Nintendo? Nope. Thats impressive and you watch that tech come out for HDTV's for no glasses use.
And Nintendo is not known to pay for praise like MS and look at all the major publishers praising it. This is the real deal so far. From what i have seen and heard so far. Impressive

kaos_fish II2932d ago

yeah really.. I need to see full specs.. Somehow I don't see it as a fully 3D product if to achieve 3D you're using a 3D slider.

I reserve judgment on it for now.. by I'm still unimpressed by it.

OSU_Gamer2932d ago

how is that unimpressive? I don't know what kind of fanboy you are, but when anyone else comes out with glasses-less 3D, come get me.

kaos_fish II2932d ago


if glassless 3D was so freaking simple to do - Hollywood would've jumped over this years ago as would've TV and phone makers. We'd have glassless 3DTV's now. It's not 3D - but please fall for the hype.. also won't be much of a 3D on such a tiny tiny screen - or did you forget that.

Cherchez La Ghost2932d ago

Metal Gear Solid in 3D?!


jack_burt0n2932d ago

3d without glasses has been available in cameras for over a year, he is not a fanboy for being not that interested the gfx being shown are nowhere near what ppl were reporting before the event.

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Sez 2932d ago

After see kid Icarus. I'm going to get the 3DS soon as both of them releases.

hoops2932d ago

This thing is going to sell UBER MILLIONS. No. UBER UBER UBER MILLIONS.

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