The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Extended Gamplay Trailer - E3 2010

The entire gameplay trailer for The legend of zelda skyward sword

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RedPawn2899d ago

At least it was a live presentation, and I garuantee it will be a 1000x better up from at home.

Millah2898d ago

Well I imagine without all that IR interference that the controls perform quite well :P. You can actually tell there's interference during Miyamotos presentation by seeing the cursor jumping around and skipping.

snp2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yeah, i think people have gone a little harsh on him/the game. It definitely was a case of legitimate interference and not covering a lag or other inherent problem. Miyamoto's stuff, in my experience, has always got amongst the best control fidelity on the Wii. I actually feel for the guy that it didn't work up on stage as it was supposed to.

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BO WALEED2898d ago

bad controlling Zelda .. I will pass ;/

SpLinT2898d ago

I love Link but this plays like shit and looks like shit. Hopefully Nintendo's next console isnt so garbage in terms of quality.