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Xbox 360 Slim vs. PS3 Slim: Tech comparison

Cynamite.com compare the tech dates of the two Slim consoles. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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FarEastOrient  +   1868d ago
Very Slim Comparison
I thought this article was going to go real deep into the comparison, don't bother it is only skin deep.

Nothing about HDD speeds, HDMI spec, and heat dispersion test.

I need an Xbox 360 to replace my 3 dead ones so maybe I'll buy a new one.
NecrumSlavery  +   1868d ago
I suggest not buying another one. But what so I know? I am just a happy PS3 gamer I guess
GrieverSoul  +   1868d ago
At this point with the disc scratch thing on the rise again, Í will stay away from it at least until Xmas.
FarEastOrient  +   1868d ago
I have all the systems, especially important when doing test between the three.
Jamie Foxx  +   1868d ago
wheres the

rechargeable controllers
7.1 dolby surround sound
standard 2.5 interchangeable HDD

they do a comparison thats so thin to make both seem equal then add the wrong price for the ps3 (its $299 not $399...bias american media at its worst, false information once again in favor of microsoft
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Rumor  +   1868d ago
coulda sworn
the 250gb ps3 was $349.99 not $399 :/

correct me if im wrong plz
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vulcanproject  +   1868d ago
Agrees with Jamie Foxx. since when were touch sensitive buttons important, and rechargeable controllers/bluray etc not worth mentioning? LOL
darthv72  +   1868d ago
bluray is the only difference hardware wise
I find it funny how this model is getting stuff added and the slim was getting stuff taken away.

They both have 250gb drives, both now have wifi, 360 has more usb ports, both have optical audio, both have hdmi ps3 1.3 / 360 1.2 :-(, Both are quieter and smaller in size, that really only leaves the disc format.

It isnt often that a revised console comes out with additions instead of subtractions but if you want to subtract something from the new 360...memory card slots.

Oh i forgot, bluetooth in the ps3. i dont use allot of bluetooth devices so it didnt stick out to me. rechargable controllers...so what. I find it easier to use batteries and if i want to recharge my controller, i buy that battery. Heck, even the wii doesnt have rechargable controllers by default so it really is not that big an issue to some. Others however want it to be.
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Rhythmattic  +   1868d ago
darthv72 0m ago
bluray is the only difference hardware wise..

No its not. Really, think about it.

(eg, External PS, No Bluetooth, No Standard Rechargeable Controllers, No Standard HD and many more things)

I seriously cant believe the 360 still has an external PS....

EDIT Again.

And as for "transparency" with Media Servers that arent strictly MS Based ?
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sikbeta  +   1868d ago
Jamie Foxx nailed it, I don't want to keep going but this is more like a Superficial Comparison, in a More Complete Comparison the PS3 Still Ahead by Far...
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ShinMaster  +   1868d ago
Touch sensitive buttons??? WTF?!

PS3 has touch/pressure sensitive buttons. Even the PS2 had them.

This article is bull. 250GB PS3 is not 299. IT'S $249!
GrieverSoul  +   1868d ago
No noise test either!

EDIT: No decibel test either! (there! Happy now?!)
EDIT 2: In picture 1 of 6, it looks like the X360 is kinda "melted" on the side. Is that normal or bad pic quality?
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secksi-killer  +   1868d ago
wow never seen one of these
hit getting, wrote for fanboys non-articles before!
webeblazing  +   1868d ago
one have blu-ray one doesnt the end
tatotiburon  +   1868d ago
there is something in the manual that said "WARRANTY" you should call them
SillySundae  +   1868d ago
It saved me tons of cash whenever my console broke.
(Mine broke three times, company was nice enough to replace it everytime). Not gonna say which company.

Of course I can't bill them for my frustrations
(lots of them due to hassle).
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villevalorox  +   1868d ago
lol, did you not watch the video at ppl yelling at that guy who moved the 360 with the disk in it? I would say DON'T!!! buy a new one, one little bump and i have a feeling your poor game will be so dead lol.
Razmossis  +   1868d ago
One has a Blu-ray player built in, the other doesn't.. nuff said
Rhythmattic  +   1868d ago
Crap "defined" comparison.
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Jamie Foxx  +   1868d ago
read my above post the realise even with minor atributes taken away the ps3 still has far more features
darthv72  +   1868d ago
it is perspective
some see value differently than others. that is not a crime but simple human nature. Rechargable controllers...why is that such a big thing for some people? The 360 controller actually has the luxury the ps3 one doesnt. it can use both types of batteries. Same for the wii controller.

Replacing a ps3 controller battery or replacing the whole controller...which is more cost effective in the long run?

You are absolutely right in that whatever features have been removed from the ps3 have been minor you can't argue the fact that they have been removed where as the 360 has had features added.

NEVER have I seen that in all the console generations prior unless it was a convergence such as the CDX was a genesis and cd in a single design or the turbo duo. Usually you remove little things people may not notice but the things removed from the ps3 to make the slim were pretty noticeable.

ps3 is still the better value because of the bluray in my opinion. the new 360 has done a remarkable job of closing the missing tech gap with wifi internal. One less thing people will b!tch about but they will still complain about no replaceable hdd of any size and rechargable controllers.
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fedex682  +   1868d ago
What is the HDMI spec?
Is it 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.4? I cant access the link at work :(
Downtown boogey  +   1868d ago
I think the new 360 looks very good and I find it odd that PS3 got uglier with the Slim...
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-Mezzo-  +   1868d ago
WTF is this, PS3 Slim costs $299, I Know I Bought It.
Legosz  +   1868d ago
Not 250GB one dumbass.
-Mezzo-  +   1868d ago
It's costs $350 Numb Skull.
Sunny_D  +   1868d ago
Cevapi88  +   1868d ago
the 120 GB version...the 250 GB is $399 i believe
Tony-A  +   1868d ago
It's $350
Hideo_Kojima  +   1868d ago
Thats kind of silly if you buy the 250GB PS3 Slim because you can just get the Slim 120gb... buy a 320GB 7200rpm and change it for a total price of £378...

Bigger better faster hardrive for 20 dollars less and an extra 120GB which you can sell for $40 on Ebay... PS3 Slim 320GB 7200rpm for $338

Edit: @DWeezy91 Oh thats much more like it.
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Dlacy13g  +   1868d ago
Amazon has a Fathers day 250GB bundle for $349 but they list the standard 250GB for $399 so you sorta are both right.
bruiser81  +   1868d ago
HDD size dont really matter with the PS3, mine is 500 gig lol
JohnnyAkiba  +   1868d ago
I still have 60gb. I dont need more. lol
TheBand1t  +   1868d ago
Noami  +   1868d ago
u still get more if u buy the 299 ps3...if u want a 500gb hdd just buy one...i got one for 36$. and u still get better sound and blue ray on ps3.
enkeixpress  +   1868d ago
We need people like Digital Foundry to get their hands on the system.. They go really into detail, those guys. :)
Bellcross  +   1868d ago
When the 360 gets a Blu ray drive call me, otherwise no contest.

Ps3 slim wins.
basicsameh514  +   1868d ago
ill call you when the ps3 gets backwards compatibility
Tony-A  +   1868d ago
But it does....
sombrero  +   1868d ago
the slim doesn't
Noami  +   1868d ago
ps3 has backwards compatibility you see both xbox360 and ps3 play game from their first console w.
dragon82  +   1868d ago
The PS3 actually plays more BC games than the 360 does. Every PS3 on the market can play PS1 games and some can play PS2 games too. Xbox 360 has a very limited list of Xbox games that can be played.

How about you call me when you stop being a fanboy and learn what the hell you are talking about. Thanks.
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1868d ago
In 2008 I decided to buy a next gen console...

...to play next gen games.

But if I wanted to play last gen games I would have bought a 360 or a PS2.

PS - Not every 360 has a hard drive so not every 360 can play Xbox 1 games.
Somnipotent  +   1868d ago
still harping about bc? smh.
Bellcross  +   1868d ago
And I'll leave a message saying I don't give a shit.
unrealgamer58  +   1868d ago
And I'll call you when people give a sh!t about kinect lol
Perjoss  +   1868d ago
yeah because there are no games on dvd9 that get over 90 out of 100 review scores....
mittwaffen  +   1868d ago
Its just the fanboys, were on N4G remember..
Just the word "Blu-Ray" give them all a hard-on. Little do they know most people watch their HD content via Digital/Sat.

Next gen Digital content will be pushed, hard drive space is cheap as hell these days.
kewlkat007  +   1868d ago
I haven't seen any

I always thought, "More Space = Better Quality" automatically.

vhero  +   1868d ago
all ps3 have backwards compatibility with a ton of ps1 games and I can mention a ton of them that all sold more than halo. FFVII for one.. A game you won't ever see on 360.
mittwaffen  +   1868d ago
He means B/C with last gen hardware.
It cannot play PS2 games, PS1 games are considered 'Arcade Games'. IE XBLA - Perfect dark N64 (Same time frame as PS1).

Atleast I hope he knows they play PS1 games.....
jeseth  +   1868d ago
Blu Ray.
End comparison.
Fishy Fingers  +   1868d ago
Bit light on info isnt it? You get more than that on the back of the boxes.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1868d ago
Im sorry wat?
PS3 $399?
mushroomwig  +   1868d ago
I was hoping the tech comparison would go a little deeper.
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The_Firestarter  +   1868d ago
There is no comparison! End of story!

For $299 the PS3 slim packs in sooooo much bang for the buck compared to the 360-S. It's not even a fair comparison to the poor 360-S. It doesn't even have blu-ray or non-proprietary HDD.
Dragunov  +   1868d ago
"I need an Xbox 360 to replace my 3 dead ones"
M$ sould be happy with such a gullible fanbase
webeblazing  +   1868d ago
edhe  +   1867d ago
There's a difference between gullible and loyal. 360 players tend to be loyal. People that buy demos and somehow think their machine's ridiculously overpowering the other disregarding hard numbers because the company said so are gullible.
crazyclown  +   1868d ago
this is a bs article

Tony-A  +   1868d ago
In the first picture they have displayed, the new Xbox looked like it was warped or bent with a hammer or something. It doesn't look straight because of the weird kind of shape that they decided to use.

BubbleSystemSuck  +   1868d ago
Internal PSU, and UNIVERSAL Voltage.
bub16  +   1868d ago
+ for ps3: takes 2.5 sata harddrives
no_more_trolling  +   1868d ago
both consoles have their pluses and faults
at the end of the day it all comes down to the games

just have fun and stop trying to make gaming so damn boring
BlackCountryBob  +   1868d ago
Wow I am rather impressed that touch sensitive buttons are now considered a trait worth considering when buying a console.

Look, the reality is, if you want only one console you should still choose the one with the exclusive games which you want to play most but you can now choose a 360 without the fear of a RROD or confusion o which model to track down)

If you can afford both, all the better.
MGOelite  +   1868d ago
trust me they only put them on this list cause they removed them on the ps3 slim
Tee7soo  +   1868d ago
I may actually buy an xbox 360 and after the sony conference
i well decide if im going to sell my ps3 or not .
meetajhu  +   1868d ago
Ps3 demolishes the Xbox360 in every aspect. Me owning a 360 hate it so badly because of the kind service the only reason i can't sell it coz nobody is ready to buy it.

1.Pay to play online
2.Need to buy seperate rechargeable pack for controller which carries AA batteries.
3.Hard Drive very expensive and slow
4.No HDMI as of mine is launch console bought for $500.
5.Dvd FAIL!!!
6.Except Gears of War 1&2 is there anyother good game on my 360? Mass Effect i played on PC as you know i'm a hardcore gamer who needs to play all games.
7.Pay for everything. I mean WTF IS THIS! i download a picture pack and that cost money. You can't put your own themes. Just useless money sucking box.
8.Thought having a launch console. My system never failed on me. Because the max time i've gamed on 360 will be 1 hour.
no_more_trolling  +   1868d ago
so u feel good about ur life now?
labwarrior  +   1868d ago
Xbox 360 has the best graphics harwdare by far
Look at RDR for the clear fact
N4BmpS  +   1868d ago
You're basing your comment off on one particular game? That basically looks the same on both consoles? Are you being Facetious? Do you know what that means?
dragon82  +   1868d ago
Look, I love my 360 as much as the next guy but you would have to be blind to say that the 360 has better graphics than the PS3. Exclusives tell the story quite clearly. If you think different then you may need to get some glasses.
hoops  +   1868d ago
Why compare? The PS3 had all these features since day one minus wireless N support.
Brklynty1  +   1868d ago
Eh...I bought my 250GB for $349....
And it comes with blu-ray....oh and it plays dvds too.
diego750  +   1868d ago
I still go for the PS3. You get more for the money you pay. I have 2 years of daily-playing my PS3 and its still as new...no failures, no issues. 40 GB, yes but i can easily expand it to 500 GB.
TheJudgement  +   1868d ago
Ok Here is a real comparison
Can buy a 120gig (299) buy 500gig for 70 bucks more
Wifi b/g
Touch sensitive (dont think these ppl own a ps3)
Bluetooth (they forgot this)
7.1 Sound support
No horrible disk tray
2 usbs (i have a phat though so I got 4 with card readers)
internal supply

250 GB (internal)
IEEE 802.11 b / g / n (max. 300 Mbps)
touch sensitive
Still disc tray
5 usbs
external supply
southernbanana  +   1868d ago
oh the comparisons......
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Skynetone  +   1868d ago
There comparing a s++t box to a ps3
What a joke
edhe  +   1867d ago

Joke's on you, ingrate.
ikral  +   1868d ago
They mentioned touch sensitive button, why not slot-loader also then. And wrong price, fail.
spiky1228  +   1868d ago
The comparison category seems weird
Wrong Price - 250 GB PS3 is $349.99. (US DOLLAR)
Touch Sensitive BUtton ? - Is it necessary, how about suck in disc feature ?

Kind of a sloppy comparison. They need to do a more detail compairson such as hard drive and sound (with disc).
shysun  +   1868d ago
What the hell those enclosed mean? I see included for PS3 Wireless controller and enclosed for 360, WTF is that?
Noami  +   1868d ago
i stoped beliving in hope when my 5th xbox360 died but ps3 always told me to have faith for he shall never forsake me.(yea i realy had 5 dif xbox360 was btw 1 year and half period)
spektical  +   1868d ago
wow this comparison was just as informative as new news on the oil spill.
Trilogy2k  +   1868d ago
Lame ass article written by complete dummkopf's
southernbanana  +   1868d ago
All of these comparisons of the so called better features of each system, but for some reason I still prefer my 360 over my PS3... Yet I enjoy both systems. I guess I have the best of both worlds. I wish everyone would own both! Then mabey these silly comparisons would end.
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