Smash Bros. creator - New Kirby game revealed

Nintendo has finally confirmed the arrival of a new Kirby.

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-Alpha2956d ago

Nintendo is owning with games! What a surprisingly awesome Conference so far.

WhittO2956d ago

Kirby looked good, it seems to be quite a short conference too, not going on for like 2 hours.

Biggest2956d ago

Kirby looks like a must buy. It has old school gameplay (minus the eating) with a fresh look and mechanic. I'm digging it. But fuck Zelda right now. Actually, fuck Motion Plus. Zelda looks like it would be too cool for school. Except the fact that you can't do shit accurately.

zootang2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I loved the look of kirby, looks fresh!

Cotton clean!

LightofDarkness2956d ago

Man, Nintendo are absolutely tearing this E3 up. Donkey Kong Country?! HOLY S**T. Add Kirby, Golden Sun, Goldeneye, Zelda... Seriously, Nintendo have done an anti-MS and invited core gamers back into the fold. Great job, Nintendo!!

Rainstorm812956d ago

They are tearing it up with games, DKC Returns surprised me and i dont own a Wii!

solidt122956d ago

WOW Nintendo actually has alot of good games to show this year. Im pumped.

Convas2956d ago

What the hell did they do to Kirby??!?!?! Epic Yarn?!? REALLY?!?!


gameseveryday2956d ago

You had to see the trailer. It was epic.

Valay2956d ago

Graphics look really interesting.


looks like an xbox live Indie title.
Not happy

Halo3 MLG Pro2956d ago

Seriously, even the audience is barely awake. Just 2D games. Most of those games looks like it can be done on the Super Nintendo.

Pennywise2956d ago

All the games announced and at the end of the day they are still Sub-HD games. Sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.