News: Pachter: GoldenEye would 'do better on 360'

Activision's GoldenEye Wii remake would do better on Xbox 360 believes respected industry analyst, Michael Pachter.

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-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Does every Pachter announcement need to be posted on N4G? I don't get it, what makes his opinion, which is not only common sense and shared by many others, so much more authoritative and "respected"?

I don't understand.

Anyways, Nintendo is KICKING ASS!

But-but-no hardcore gamez on Wii! Anyone see Reggie address the rumors? I swear he was going to pull out a gun and shoot everybody lol. He looked pretty grim.

New Kirby? New Dragon Quest?

These guys are on a roll!

MexicanAppleThief2776d ago

Nintendo has just made me into a believer. I'm getting the 3DS ASAP.

user8586212776d ago

agreed, nintendo really made this conference all about the hardcore gamers, cant same the same about "wink wink"

GrieverSoul2776d ago

I got lost on the "respected industry analyst" part but hey, he is somekind of celebrity in the medium so his opinion kinda counts.

cobraagent2776d ago

alpha, i don't understand this. Yes the Nintendo conference was the best conference of e3 2010 this far. I just wish the Zelda demo wasn't that bad

Tony-A2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Nintendo's conference was most definitely their best this entire generation. They announced what people wanted and much more, including a solid list of upcoming 3DS games.

FarEastOrient2776d ago

The simple reason is that several make money off of investing in videogame companies, myself included. I don't know who is posting his comments but just like every commentator you make your decisions based on a balance of all of them.

I too believe GoldenEye would've sold better on 360 especially if Rare did the remake.

After watching Microsoft's yesterday I thought the following press conferences were going to be bad. But Nintendo did a great job, why didn't their previous years look like this.

TheAwesomessMan2776d ago

Well I think at the time, their focus on another type of consumer, the casual consumer. Once they established that they were clear to take off and show everyone why Nintendo is known as a Gaming Company.

N4g_null2776d ago

You did play rares perfect dark on the 360 right, remember how much it sucked and how this game with barely even better graphics than the N64 is all sorts of awesome.

Seriously the guys that make 3d shooters should know what makes golden eye tick and activision knows it better than rare.

m232776d ago

That conference was just awesome. They showed so many new games, it's hard to list. They are bringing so many games that people asked for, and more. Donkey Kong just blew me away especially, I used to play that a ton. Kirby was great as well. Nintendo might have just won E3, just gotta wait until Sony is up, I'm pretty sure they will have some surprises as well. Microsoft kinda let me down on the hardcore side, Reach and Gears were awesome though.

Downtown boogey2776d ago

Who are you trying to fool? Same old classic Nintendo games that are technically last-gen.

N4g_null2776d ago

When did being hardcore become last gen, who cares they rocked and 2d gaming rocks too!

vhero2776d ago

Well the original developers of the game formed Free Radical and they are great at developing PS3 games thats why Crytek bought them up.. I would say for that reason it would do better on PS3 however this game isn't gonna get half the success of the original title. FPS on wii?? no chance.. Nintendo no longer have a hardcore market.

Swiftfox2776d ago

Yes, Pather's comments are mostly common knowledge in the gaming community. I to wonder why everything that comes out of his mouth is posted especially considering how looked down on he is at N4G.

As far as Nintendo, while I am happy that they have gone in the direction of games and made them the focus of the presentation, I am upset that these are just the same games over and over with nothing really classified as "new". Save for Epic Mickey which seems to be a blend of the older SNES games and Mario Sunshine.

Donkey Kong, Kirby, Goldeneye...nothing really reached me as new or "that I have to get" cause in essence I've played them before. It is good for those that havn't had the chance which are the majority of Wii owners, but personally, little in the "must have" department.

sikbeta2776d ago

What an Attention-Whøre, he will say whatever crap come into his mind just for a little of exposure, GTFO Pachter, do yourself a favor and Shut UP!

callahan092776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Why does it seem like everything Pachter has been saying for the last month has been a veiled 360 endorsement? I mean, he never talks about how 360 exclusive developers would benefit by developing for PS3, but he would constantly talk about how developers like Insomniac "need" to develop for 360. He hypes up the Kinect, he says things like "GoldenEye would be better on 360" ... What the hell is up with him? He's coming off like a Microsoft company shill.

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jay22776d ago

Every true Bond fan should storm the studio, no pierce B!

Cevapi882776d ago

i hope they have him as a down-loadable character or have him to play in MP

Rocket Sauce2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I'll get the tank ready.

If you're going to make a game based on Goldeneye, you should probably use the likeness of the guy who starred in it. That's just mind blowing. If you absolutely have to remake something, do it right.

jaredhart2776d ago

but it would be a different game on the 360 or PS3.

JEDI WOLVERINE2776d ago ShowReplies(2)
Fishy Fingers2776d ago

Wow... I wish I was as smart as him...


and the kicker is - he gets paid good money to say stuff like that!

To quote Arnie "I need a vacation"

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