Golden Sun Dark Dawn: Images Emerged

Some images of Golden Sun Dark Dawn has been emerged.

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-Alpha2719d ago

What? Golden Sun is a terrific series!

FanboysWillHateMe2718d ago

The Golden Sun games were among the best in the Gameboy library.

Downtown boogey2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Everything that Nintendo repaints every couple of years and sells again - Next.

catguykyou2719d ago

Wish it was coming out for the 3Ds...

Blaze9292719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

damn...not sure I like this 3D transition. i'm a BIG fan of Golden Sun and love both the first two games to death but this looks hideous.

But if the gameplay/story still rocks then who cares, I'll get over it.

Davoh2719d ago

Been waiting sooo... long for a new Golden Sun, now just need to wait till summer =)

darthawesome902719d ago

I'm too old to be playing a DS but I used to play Golden Sun 1 & 2 on the GBA when I was younger. The sequel looks good but the three dimensional characters was a mistake. It's sad that the GBA Golden Sun games looked better graphically. Still fortuntely the game was also known for its size, length, and amazing story.

na-no-nai2718d ago

never too old to play a ds. that your problem

Redempteur2719d ago

Sold ..

Golden sun ..more golden sun ...

2d was nice ..but if they keep the same style while fighting or during the levels i'll be more than glad ...

Besides there is just more than that ... i mean there is so much to tell in GS world ( even if the second warped the story pretty well )

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