Zelda: Skyward Swords.... Very Unresponsive

Just announced by Nintendo, Zelda: Skyward Swords, the game seems to be very unresponsive. In fact, the demo is all over the place. Perhaps it's just a technical fault, but it's discouraging to see that the game is having such problems. Whilst we're not forming an opinion, it just seems a bit too under developed.

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BubbleSystemSuck2777d ago

is alpha... what you spect

Go Zelda... i will buy a Wii for this one

Seferoth752776d ago

Everyone that has played the game says it is responsive. These clowns are just going by the conference and have never actually touched the game.

Just looking for hits. Kind of pathetic he couldnt be bothered to actually look into it to see if there was an issue before posting it as fact but that's fanboys for you

K-man002776d ago

The statement is coming from Nintendo´s mouth, that it is not responsive and you say that it is. Do you know more than Nintendo???
Geez some people are just in denial.

c64days2776d ago

Just take a look (again) at myamoto playing the game (if you could call it that way).

The delay is huge. Miyamoto uses exaggerated moves to control the sword. It was obvious he was afraid to play it as a "real" sword, so people will notice the control problems. Also, when he cut the "flower" vertically, he used up-down cut while the game did down-up cut.

I my self played the Wi-plus control, and it's working like SH**T...

I gave up the RED STEEL 2 game.

GuruStarr782776d ago

red steel 2 was "ok".....too repetetive IMO though.

hardeep2776d ago

Did anyone read the impressions they were very responsive, and also Miyamoto confirmed on the nintendo developer roundtable and showed that its responsive.

na-no-nai2776d ago

i know it very responsive from what the people who played it said. Haters can be haters

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smash-brother-102776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

everyone that has played this game is saying that its very responsive, and hey, its zelda its going to be awesome, everybody that has used motionplus knows it works, so zelda, arguably its most popular game is also going to work as it should do too

BannedForNineYears2776d ago

Meh, this game will hardly be worth emulating......>_>
Cheah, I'm a fanboy, sorry.

MxShade2776d ago

From what I heard from journalists who demo'd the game, it was actually -very- responsive; the live demo on stage just had major interference.

LoaMcLoa2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I heard the exact same thing. Besides it's not even close to done, so be prepared for improved controls at launch.

SpoonyRedMage2776d ago

...and the Nintendo haters carry on in vain.

Hell even if Zelda Wii is crap we still have Ocarina of Time 3DS! and the Water Temple and Inventory are being fixed. So the greatest game of all time... is getting better!

ruiner44822776d ago

To bad that's about 10 years to late. I never got to finish Ocarina of Time because the water temple screwed me out of a key.

BldyShdw2776d ago

I highly doubt it screwed you out of a key, just admit it was too hard for you.

ChickeyCantor2776d ago

" To bad that's about 10 years to late. I never got to finish Ocarina of Time because the water temple screwed me out of a key. "

ITs as if people dont know how to use a map...seriously.
Am I the only one who thought water temple was mediocre ( not easy neither hard)

sealion882776d ago

doubt Nintendo would release it unresponsive anyway. Its a major title after all.

ar2776d ago

The only thing I know is that the on stage demonstration at Nintendos E3 keynote was excruciatingly embarrassing to watch.

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