GameStooge; Microsoft Press Conference Impressions

Jordan Lund gives his impressions on the Microsoft Press Conference.

Excerpt: "Hideo Kojima then came out, introduced Shigenobu Matsuyama and the concept of Zan-Datsu or “Cut and Take”. Basically, they have thrown stealth out the window and are allowing Raiden to go nuts with a sword. Anti-violence folks will have heads explode. Similar in speed to Bayonetta, with the sword slicing action effect similar to Whiplash slicing cars apart in Iron Man 2 except with people and buildings too! It should appeal to Ninja Gaiden fans as well."

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dangert122832d ago

did micrsoft even attend? if they did they need to sort it out they had nothing!!!

well apart from gears and halo

watchman2832d ago


and kinect, and new xbox, go back to PS3 thread troll. Can't stand those troll anymore, be a gamer not a jerk fanboy.

dangert122832d ago

im not a fanboy you muppet lol
what i mean is micrsoft showed nothing of interest but halo and gears
how can i be a ps3 fanboy when i said i liked them?
and own a 360? :s

astar1234567892832d ago

it was bad after gears and halo after that it was lights out!!