E3: Sony: 'You Need To Be Very Excited'

NowGamer: Sony has confirmed that brand-new titles will be part of its E3 lineup, describing it as one its most exciting showings ever - Head of UK PR for SCE David Wilson recently told NowGamer: "We genuinely feel that we have one of our strongest lineups ever so we think you need to be very excited..."

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The Wood2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )



shame on you microsoft

Let me tell you something people....IF i didnt even have games to get excited about my misses would think i was a total idiot posting comments on a gaming forum...Sometimes i have to quick switch so she cant read some of the comments that grace this site....Id prefer to get caught watching keezmovies than being caught on n4g i alone... Am i a fool for wanting new technically better games of varying genres from a game trade show like E3, the so called biggest one of em all?? Dont do an MS sony cause my misses is watching

-Alpha2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'd like to give Ninty some credit. Their conference is owning so far, so many hardcore appealing games! They outdid MS's conference in the first 10 minutes than MS did in the entire conference for me personally.

Dragon Quest! Metroid! Golden Sun! Golden Eye! Zelda! My God, they rocked it! They actually rocked it and now I want a Wii!

Edit: OMG a New Donkey Kong!

Sorry-- I'm off topic.

I believe both Sony and Nintendo are proving themselves to be the top dogs this year. I think Sony has some good competition and surprisingly it's not from MS, it's from Nintendo.

FunAndGun2779d ago

I agree, they are definitely trying to regain some of the hardcore audience.

GiggMan2779d ago

Man Nintendo's got exclusives for days!!!

sombrero2779d ago

Yeah, Nintendo's doing great. Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Kirby announced for Wii so far.

That's right, I thought Kirby looked cool.

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )


What is this Bizzaro world? Am I really considering buying a Wii?

Dragon Quest, Metroid, Golden Sun, Golden Eye, and Zelda?

Yep, I'll just say I got it for my kids if anyone asks.

gamingisnotacrime2779d ago

Activision developing = genital herpes

Christopher2779d ago

Wish my Internet connection at work today wasn't so crappy. Trying to watch and can't and now you're making me all sad about being unable to watch :p

AtatakaiSamurai2779d ago

Sony's conference it the last hope for traditional gamers to salvage something from this E3. Casuals have had their belly full and laugh as they throw scraps at us.

Sony HAS TO do something for the traditional gamers something for E3 2010 not to be a total bomb for gamers.

Hideo_Kojima2779d ago

Nintendo 3DS can even take 3D photos and plays 3D movies...

PSP2 will once again have a good competitor.

Do you think PSP2 may be 3d?

boodybandit2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

for their new handheld.
I don't like handhelds and I don't care for the Wii, even though I own one, but this is going to be a huge selling point for their new handheld!

My kids have DS and PSP's, and like I said I don't care for them, but this is very tempting. This coming from a guy that has been shopping for a 3D display for gaming that uses glasses for viewing, and I still plan on getting a 3D display without question.

I never thought I would say this during the Wii generation but they really are having a fantastic show so far. Nintendo I am still miffed at you for using such dated technology (with very dated graphics and sound) and not making use of all my high end gear but you have the strongest user base and now you are finally bringing the games.

Guess Pachter was wrong yet again and there wont be a Wii HD just yet.

With all that said,
I am still way more interested in what Sony has to offer but Nintendo just raised the bar that MS failed to set yesterday.

Megaton2779d ago

Yeah, Nintendo knocked it outta the park this year. Great conference, great lineup.

squallheart2779d ago

when they announce golden eyevl i jized in my pants lol and donkey kong my older sister will love that used to play it back in the day

holy crap kid iccarus

Christopher2779d ago


Sorry, off topic :p

Hideo_Kojima2779d ago

I am really happy for Nintendo fans they are getting really good stuff they have been asking for hardcore games and it seems they got lodes now.

Even 3DS the Icuros game looks very intresting.

Conloles2779d ago

They may look hardcore but Im staying way away from them and not getting conned into buying a Wii again. Having said that 3ds looks good

Lastlivingsoul2779d ago

I've got a new girlfriend that likes video games...maybe not as much as me. She always had a 360 and was missing halo and fable. I just got resistance 2 as i think it's the closest to halo, and she really likes it, and she's obsessed with LittleBigPlanet...gonna try out Assassin's Creed 2 and Dead Space
Anyway, yeah with my ex I definitely would have rather been caught looking at porn, than N4g...she just couldn't understand.
I feel like I have leveled up in the girlfriend department. She will be watching the Sony E3 conference with me.

The Wood2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Nintendo are showing GAMES....Its why we get excited about these events. Well done nintendo

Reborn2779d ago

Didn't they say that they would be getting something associated with Metal Gear Solid?

biggame9012779d ago

Agreed. Nintendo has been outstanding so far. Great conference, and a rock solid lineup. Sony has some competition, but it's not Microsoft.

Look like I'll be getting a Wii pretty soon.

Snoogins2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Would it kill them to come up with a new IP? How long has it been since they created a new first-party IP that didn't star one of their iconic characters? Still, a hell of a solid line-up, one title I think is going to be amazing most specifically Epic Mickey (because it's Warren Specter!!!) and Retro is probably going to blow minds with their take on Donkey Kong, especially considering what they did with Metroid.

Oh my, didn't realise I was still commenting in a Sony thread! To go back on-topic, the rumor of Sly Cooper and Team Ico being remade in HD pretty much satisfies me for the Sony conference. I missed out on SC trilogy and ICO last gen, so I really want those games. My other hopes are for a release date for that Magic the Gathering PSN port of the XBL game, and whatever surprises are planned for the conference. As highly doubtful as it is, a multiplat announce for Mass Effect would cause me to explode.

Graey2779d ago

Personally it never crossed my mind to get a Wii..but after watching their conference its now on my list of games/consoles to get. Along with Kirby, Zelda, and Metroid, oh and def. that Disney Epic Mickey...

Def a very solid performance by Nintendo. A lot of old games but they game out and just said their piece. No flashyness just straight up games. Very respectable.

ShinMaster2779d ago

Was the highest point in the conference. I was literally in "awe".
It was so awesome!!!

Although I really dislike that Activision is making GoldenEye. Oh and they replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig.

[On Topic]
I'm really excited for the Sony conference already. I really hope they show some really awesome unannounced stuff! :D

Vinster2779d ago

I think Nintendo's E3 presentation has trumped Microsoft's. An excellent line up of titles for the Wii, the 3DS with Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil(hmm maybe another portable version IS coming after all) titles is looking real good.

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UnwanteDreamz2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

My wife thinks this place is hilarious. She can't believe how serious some people take it.

EDIT: Nope, I post at work. She only sees it when I check news in the morning. BTW the time I spend here is nothing to the ammount of time I spend gaming. Keeps me out of bars so she don't complain.

A woman is like a hardwood floor. If you lay her right you can walk on her for years to come.

Duke Spookem2779d ago

How can she see this place from the kitchen?

FunAndGun2779d ago

not trying to be a dick, but does she know how much time you spend here?

nix2779d ago

"... is like a hardwood floor."

that was really uncalled for. she's your wife for christ sake.

but yeah.. the site is hilarious. previously i used to login only to have a laugh in Open Zone. he he.. good times.

PLAYstar2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

This will be walk the park for SONY! M$ and Nintendo E3 simply pure rubbish!

Nintendo : RATE C
M$ : RATE with ZZZ

You want a cookie?? Don't seem like you're awake..
WHAT?! Whatever you're saying mutant, SS is a classical rating a symbolic which is a greater extend than of AAA!

kanetheking2779d ago

LOL.anyway i am happy today got to watch new bleach and now sony e3 hell yer

kanetheking2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

double post

nilamo2779d ago

Wow fanboyish much? Nintendo's conference is the one that sony has to top.

Rip-Ridah2779d ago

I'm all for your enthusiasm for the upcoming Sony presentation, but there is no need to slam the other keynotes in the process. I cant speak for Microsoft's presentation, but Nintendo just delivered on what many of their core fans were clamoring for--GAMES. That cant be knocked or trolled in any form possible. I too am EXTREMELY excited to see what Sony is going to offer in addition to all of the great announcements already provided by them. However, I'll give credit where credit is due and Nintendo just earned it. Enjoy the rest of E3!!

PLAYstar2779d ago

Don't say, I posted this like an hour ago even before 3DS was announced. Now I would like to change my perspective and give kudos to Nintendo for their great effort. Its true they did show games, but just how many of those games actually live up to expectation? I know one of the biggest Zelda of all time sure didn't.. However I'm quite fond to know about what 3DS have to offer. It does sound amazing with 3D without glasses, then again how effective can the display be? Can't jump to conclusion now, the only thing we could do is wait for review that have tried it.

Rip-Ridah2779d ago

Fair enough buddy. Minutes from Sony's presentation!!!!

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himdeel2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

...I'm already excited the SECOND they mentioned the words, "new games". That's what I want and need from E3!


The SONY show will be a love letter to gamers!

byeGollum2779d ago

that's some funny sh*t lol

Well.. @ this point in time.. only Sony can save E3.

gamingisnotacrime2779d ago

games is what this is all about, my missy is starting to understand my passion for games and now she even asks me what is hot now in gaming and stuff, NERD! lol

love it man, bubbles+

nycredude2779d ago

Nintendo just showed off Donkey Kong Returns.

Just yesterday my nephew were playing Donkey Kong Country (I think) on the Super Nintendo and it looks just about like the same game. IMO Nintendo needs to do more new things instead of the same old games over and over. I know they make money on the kids and stuff but come on!

shadow27972779d ago

False. Donkey Kong Country is awesome. A reboot is welcome. You can complain about Mario Sports Mix though, that's a special kind of milking.

sikbeta2779d ago

Sony, I'm Already Excited, I'm sure Sony Conference Will be Huge

T-3:30 hours To The Biggest E3 Ever....

lagoonalight2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Why are my comments being posted down here when I am responding to the top poster?

raztad2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I dont want to sound like a d1ck but why people excited about Ninty games choose to talk about them in this Sony thread? Is there no Ninty section?

@The Wood

I have high hopes Sony is gonna show some new IPs. LBP2 on stage would be mindblowing with all its creative features. Hope inFAMOUS, MotorStorm3 are demoed as well, I'm really curious about the graphical upgrade they are receiving and new gameplay elements.

Hope Sony doesnt pull a MS talking about casual shovelware, I feel they know better than that.

One hour to go. I'm excited.

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blazBlue2779d ago

Spare the wallet please Sony, spare it!

Crystallis2779d ago

I already know 1 title thats going to be announced that will blow a lot of sony fans minds.

UnwanteDreamz2779d ago

Do tell man from the future.

Crystallis2779d ago

I heard from a little birdie that ZOE3 will be announced for the PS3. Actually i have this friend who has a friend in Korea who heard it was already in production. Now whether they show it at E3 or TGS is to be deteremind. But you guys heard it here first.

blazBlue2779d ago


...Okay, I don't have a rabbit but still...

Fan Tastic2779d ago

Yeah, me too. I know 5 titles :0 I'll just announce them after Sony does and try to be cool :D